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Due to the advantages of faster transmission speed, longer transmission distance, higher bandwidth, and anti-interference compared to copper cables, fiber optical cables have been more and more widely used in various fields such as communication transmission, data centers, military communications, transportation transmission, medical treatment, etc.

As one of the most professional fiber optic cable manufacturers and distributors, Gcabling has been specialized in manufacturing fiber optic products since 2008 and we have own fiber optic cable factory. Our fiber cables have high quality with good transmission performance, optimal choice for fiber cabling system. 

Standard: IEC 60794, IEC 794-1, IEC 61034, IEC 60754-2
Fiber Mode: OS2 / OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4 / OM5
Fiber Grade: G657D, G657A1, G657A2, G657B3
Cable Type: drop cable, outdoor cable, indoor cable, optical power composite cable

Fiber Drop Cable

Featured fiber drop cable, contact us for more information and cable types.

Fiber Drop Cable

Fiber Outdoor Cable

Featured fiber outdoor cable, contact us for more information and cable types.

Fiber Outdoor Cable

Fiber Indoor Cable

Featured fiber indoor cable, contact us for more information and cable types.

Fiber Indoor Cable

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    Fiber Physical Characteristics

    Fiber Physical Characteristics

    Fiber Performance Characteristics

    Fiber Performance Characteristics

    Min. Bending Radius

    Min. Bending Radius

    Application Temperature Range

    Application Temperature Range

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      Quality Assurance

      Fiber Cable Manufacturers Provide High Quality Optical Cables

      Gcabling is a optical cable supplier with 15+ years of experience. Our products are exported to over 80 countries / regions, products quality is the foundation on which we rely for survival. We use the highest quality raw materials and and strictly follow international standards for production to ensure stable fiber optic cable transmission performance and product quality.

      At Gcabling, we have developed a strict test plan and process, and carried out 8 kinds of tests on the fiber optical cables manufactured to ensure product quality.

      Test 1: Coefficient of dynamic friction AR (Low Friction)


      Test 3: Minimum Bending Radius / Curvature


      Test 5:Traction (Double Reinforcing Element & Messenger)


      Test 7: Cable “Spiral” (messenger element)


      Test 2: Thermoplastic Adherence Test


      Test 4: Impact


      Test 6: Fiber Exposure in the Cut – Mechanical Split   


      Test 8: Fiber Exposure in the Cut


      Tailored To Individual Needs

      Best Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer Supports Customization

      As a fiber optic cable manufacturing company with many years of industry experience, Gcabling clearly knows that our stock standard fiber cables can not meet the needs of every customer.
      Therefore, we support personalized customization:

      • Cable length / color
      • Fiber count
      • Fiber grade
      • Material of jacket
      • Material / dimension of strength member
      • Material / dimension of self-supporting member
      • Package

      All listed above can be designed on request, If you need, please contact us as soon as possible.

      Fiber Optic Drop Cable

      What We Can Offer

      Fibre Cable Suppliers Provide One-stop Services

      Fiber Optic Cable
      Drop Fiber Cable

      Gcabling is a professional fiber optic cable manufacturer and distributor, we always strive to bring the best services and high quality fiber cables that widely used in the Fiber Optic Solution, Network Cabling Solution, Data Center Solution to all customers:

      100% inspection: ISO9001 quality management system, IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, DQC process

      24/7 support from Gcabling engineers

      15 years warranty


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        Gcabling Fiber Drop Cable

        If you are a network cabling installation company, wholesaler or E-commerce seller, Gcabling bulk optical cables are ready to ship to support fast delivery.

        MOQ: 1 roll, delivering within 5 days

        2KM Fiber Optic Drop Cable


        2km drop cable

        0.5mm FRP*2

        Short term tension 80N

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          1KM Fiber Optic Drop Cable


          1km Drop Cable

          0.5mm FRP*2+1.0mm Galvanized steel wire*1

          Short term tension 600N

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            Anti-UV and flame-retardant sheathed
            G657A1 fiber wire better compatibility with G652D and G657A2, support to bend Insensitive Fiber & 10mm Min. Bend Radius

            Fiber Cable Production Line

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              Frequently Asked Questions

              Q: Where can fiber drop cables be used?

              A: The application range of drop cable includes FTTH FTTB fiber cabling system, it is the basic fiber cable which support signal transmission from outdoor to indoor. It can easily runs between floors through cable risers or in elevator shafts.

              Q: What is the difference between metal reinforcement and non-metal reinforcement of drop cable?

              A: Steel wire

              Advantages: Strong pulling force, lower cost

              Disadvantage: Conductivity


              Advantages: Non conductive

              Disadvantages: Low pulling force, higher cost

              Q: What is the benefit of the lszh jacket of optical cable?

              A: Anti-UV and flame-retardant sheathed optical cables make structural wiring safer.

              Q: What is the transmission distance of the drop cable?

              A: The transmission distance of fiber drop cable can reach up to 70 km.

              Q: What are the advantages of ADSS cables?

              A: 1. ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cable is made of non-metallic materials and has good electrical insulation performance, effectively preventing electromagnetic interference on optical signals.

              2. The non-metallic materials as center member to support its own weight in overhead lines such as power transmission towers or pylons without the need for additional support poles or straps.

              3. It is high tensile strength and can withstand external forces caused by wind, ice, snow, etc., maintaining stable transmission performance in harsh environmental conditions.

              Q: What are the application environments for outdoor optical cables?

              A: Fiber outdoor optical cables are usually used for buried, urban pipelines, or aerial. The application of environmental conditions will be considered to do the corresponding adjustment design of optical cable production.

              Q: How to choose your fiber optic cable?

              A: Due to the variety of performance characteristics and application environment, the choice of fiber optic cables may be complicated. There are some requirements that you need to determine first, such as installation environment, cable parameters, cost. If you need assistance in determining requirements or custom fibre optic cables, please feel free to contact us.

              Q: Are G652.D, G657.A1 and G657.A2 compatible with each other?

              A: Yes. G652.D, G657.A1 and G657.A2 all have the same physical size, with inner and outer core diameter is 9μm and 125μm respectively. This means that optical cables defined under these three standards are fully compatible with each other.

              Q: What should be paid attention to during fiber optic cable laying?

              A: During the laying process of fiber optic cables, strict attention should be paid to the tensile strength and bending radius of the optical cables and prevent them from being entangled, twisted, damaged, and trampled.

              Q: Where can I find ftth cable manufacturers?

              A: If you need Chinese armoured cable manufacturers or suppliers, Gcabling is your best choice, please contact us soon. If you need suppliers / manufacturers from other regions, we will sort out a collection of regional optical cable manufacturers later, you can pay more attention to our website to get the information.