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Ethernet Cable Certification

Network cables, also known as Ethernet cables, are used for transmitting data between devices in a network. They have played an important role in various fields such as home networks, schools and offices, data centers, providing high-speed, stable, and secure wired network connections to meet the needs of network transmission in different scenarios.

Gcabling is one of the most powerful network cable manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have provided custom cables and bulk network cable to customers from more than 80 countries and regions. Product quality has always been our pursuit.

Standard: ANSI/TIA-568-C. 2, ISO 11801
Certification: VDE, CPR, ETL, UL
Data Performance: Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, Cat8
Shielding Type: UTP unshielded, FTP shielded

Indoor Ethernent Cable
Outdoor Ethernent Cable
Ethernet Cable Certificate
Cat6 Channel Certificate
Cat6A Channel Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate

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    High Product Quality

    Network Cable Manufacturer Make High-quality Cables

    Gcabling is one of the earliest Cat5e, Cat6 cable manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field, are well known among consumers as a strong Cat 6 cable manufacturer and supplier. We are well aware that this is all brought to us by the high quality of our products, and we will continue to do so.

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    1. Pure Copper Conductor

    The conductor of Gcabling standard network cable is made of high quality pure oxygen free copper, which has advantages of little crosstalk, small resistance and stable data transmission. Excellent performance also makes the network cable suitable for application environments that require strong stability and fastness. 

    Besides, we have CCA as for the conductor of the cable. CCA network cable is affordable and is enough for the daily need while it can reach the similar data performance as the copper level at 22 to 23AWG.

    2. High-quality Jacket Material

    Gcabling — network ethernet cable distributor and cat6 cable supplier, always uses high quality raw materials. As for the jacket material, PVC, LSZH, PE is optional, meeting the usage needs in different environments.

    Cost-effective PVC cables provide moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, and protection against physical damage, ensuring good durability and protection for the cables, are commonly used for network cables intended for indoor applications where fire safety regulations are not a significant consideration.

    LSZH cables are designed to emit minimal smoke and toxic halogen gases when exposed to flames or high heat, are preferred for applications where fire safety is a significant concern, such as public spaces, data centers, and enclosed areas with limited ventilation.

    PE cables are highly resistant to water, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. They are suitable for outdoor or direct burial applications where the cable needs to withstand exposure to moisture, UV radiation, and harsh weather conditions.

    3. Package

    As for the packing method, we have carton box package and drum package. If the carton box, we have 100 meters, 305 meters and 500 meters. It is quite convenient to pull out and pull in, and easy to pick up. But if the lan cable is Cat6A, the drum package might be better choice.

    Ethernet Cable Quality

    Product Certification

    Network Cables: Cat5e Cat6 Cat6A Cable Manufacturers & Supplier

    Gcabling is a professional ul certified cable manufacturer that manufactures both shielded FTP cable and UTP cable. Our ethernet lan cables have passed the testing of the 3rd Labs and get the certificates of VDE, CPR, UL, ETL… 

    What We Can Offer

    Best Lan Cable Manufacturer & Supplier Provides Best Service

    As one of the best ethernet cable manufacturers and suppliers, Gcabling and all employees are confident that we can provide the best service to our customers.

    1. Ethernet cable with high data performance, widely used in the Network Cabling Solution and Data Center Solution

    2. Custom network cables, OEM / ODM is available

    3. ISO9001 quality management system, IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, DQC process

    4. Professional engineers provide online support


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      Gcabling Ethernet Cable

      If you are a network cabling installation company, wholesaler or E-commerce seller, Gcabling bulk ethernet cables are ready to ship to support fast delivery.

      MOQ: 1 roll, delivering within 5 days

      CAT6 UTP Ethernet Cable


      Cat6 Ethernet Cable

      HDPE insulation

      4 pairs strand twisted cable

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        CAT6A UTP Ethernet Cable


        Cat6A Ethernet Cable

        PE cross the skeleton

        LSZH retardant material jacket

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          Conductor made of high quality pure Oxygen-free Copper
          Pass Fluke test 100 meters
          Certification: CPR, UL, ETL

          Cat5e Cat6 Cable Manufacturers, Ethernet Cable Factory

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            Q: How does the network cable works?

            A: The network cable works by using electrical signals to transmit data from one device to another. The cable is inserted into two devices, and the data signal is transmitted through the wires of the cable.

            Q: What are the differences between the different category cables?

            A: Ethernet Cables (Twisted Pair Cables) are designed for specific purposes and varying in terms of speed, performance, and application. The most common types of network cables include: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8.

            Category of cable Transmission speed Transmission frequency Maximum distance
            Cat5e 1000Mbps 100Mhz 100m
            Cat6 10Gbps 250Mhz 100m
            Cat6a 10Gbps 500Mhz 100m
            Cat7 10Gbps 600/1000Mhz 100m
            Cat8 40Gbps 2000Mhz 30m
            Q: What is the difference between shielded and unshielded cables?

            A: Depending on the requirements for resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in different application scenarios, network cables can be divided into two major categories: shielded and unshielded. Shielding is important in environments where electronic devices, electrical noise, or other factors may disrupt the quality of data transmission.

            Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP): UTP cables are the most common type of network cables and are widely used for Ethernet connections. They consist of twisted pairs of wires without any additional shielding. UTP cables are suitable for environments with minimal interference and are cost-effective.

            For shielded lan cable: There are multiple ways to achieve shielding for shielded Lan cables, STP, FTP, S/FTP are commonly used methods in the current market.

            Shielded Twisted Pair (SF/UTP): STP cables have an overall foil or braided shield around the twisted pairs of wires. This shielding helps protect against EMI and RFI, making STP cables more suitable for environments with higher levels of interference. STP cables are commonly used in industrial settings, data centers, and areas with significant electromagnetic noise.

            Foil Twisted Pair (FTP): FTP cables have individual pairs of wires shielded with aluminum foil and an overall outer shield. The foil provides protection against interference. FTP cables offer a middle ground between UTP and STP cables in terms of cost and shielding effectiveness.

            Overall Foil Shield (S/FTP): S/FTP cables feature both an overall foil shield and individual pair shielding. This type of cable offers high resistance to interference and is suitable for demanding environments like data centers and industrial facilities.

            Q: How to choose right lan cable? Unshielded or shielded?

            A: The specific choice of cable type depends on factors such as the environment, distance, data transmission speed, and expected level of interference. While shielded cables provide better interference protection, they are typically more expensive and less flexible than unshielded cables. It is important to choose the appropriate cable type based on the specific requirements of the network setup to ensure reliable and high-quality data transmission.

            Q: What is the difference between CCA, CCS and OFC conductor?

            A: CCA: copper clad aluminium

            CCS: copper clad steel

            OFC: oxygen free copper

            The cost of OFC​ is higher than that of CCA and CCS, but OFC has higher conductivity, and good signal transmission quality.

            Q: What products are network cables usually used with?

            A: Network cables are widely used in the structured cabling. They can be used with network cabling products like keystone jacks, RJ45 connectors, patch panel.

            Q: How to troubleshoot network cable problems?

            A: You can firstly check whether the network cable is properly connected and the device configuration is correct. You can also use network diagnostics tools to check for connection or network performance issues. If the cable is damaged or faulty, you may need to replace it.

            Q: Where can I find network cables manufacturers and structured cabling suppliers?

            A:  If you need suppliers like Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 cable manufacturers from China, Gcabling is your best choice, please contact us soon. If you need lan cable distributor / manufacturer from other regions, we will sort out a collection of regional ethernet cable manufacturers later, you can pay more attention to our website to get the information.