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Data Center Solution

What Is Data Center Solution?

A data center solution is a comprehensive set of products and services that designed to support the operation of a data center which is a physical facility used to house computer systems and associated components. A data center solution is designed to provide organizations with the infrastructure, tools and resources needed to manage and process large amounts of data, typically includes a range of technologies and may includes various services.

Currently in the market, there are two main approaches for constructing data centers. One is traditional data center, the deployment of the system is slow and inefficient. Any small changes to the system can have a ripple effect, making it difficult to expand. The other is modular data center which is divided into separate modules and compartments according to industry standards. The deployment of the system is flexible and easy to scale.

According to a recent report by Uptime Institute, the global data center construction market is expected to witness a CAGR of 13.07% during the forecast period (2023-2028). With the development of business and the increase of applications, the disadvantages of traditional data center that lacks flexibility and scalability gradually appear. In this situation, modular data center solution is increasingly attractive, providing timely, flexible and cost effective solution for data center construction.

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Gcabling Modular Data Center Solution

Gcabling has more than 20 years of industry experience, and products are exported to 80+ countries or regions. Our modular data center solution is designed to ensure data availability, security, and highly available to support the needs of the organization. We hope to bring all convenience to our users.

IDC Infrastructure Solution

Gcabling modular data center infrastructure solutions offer data center a comprehensive, standardized, efficient, and intelligent data center solution with the feature of high density and low energy consumption. Our data center solutions can meet customer’s individual needs, single row or double row, modular components, etc, all are optional and can be flexibly deployed for combination applications. Gcabling solutions are designed to meet your current budget and can easily scale to accommodate future growth and changes in your business needs.

Product Selection

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    Smart Data Center Solution

    Gcabling smart data center solution, adopts All-in-Rack design concept. Integrated design that incorporates multiple sub-systems such as cabinet system, cooling system, power supply and distribution system, monitoring system, etc. A single module can support flexible expansion to up to 10 cabinets. The in-rack, precision air-conditioner requires a minimal cabinet area of 0.72 square meters, saving 50% or more of the space compared to traditional data centers. The combination of cold and hot aisle systems,and near-end cooling can reduce PUE to as low as 1.34, energy cost compared to traditional data center decreases by more than 45%.

    Smart Data Center

    Quality Control

    Gcabling products are manufactured according to the standards of ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC60297-2, DIN41494:PART1, DIN41494:PART7, etc and get the certificate of CE. All products have to pass our QC system strictly. Each product has to be semi-products inspection, finished-products inspection and pre-delivery inspection.

    Our Modular Data Center Solution Services Include:

    1. Personalized solution design according to site size (including cabinets combination, Electrostatic floor, cable troughs, etc)
    2. High-quality modular design products
    3. Fast delivery, stock products delivering in 7 days
    4. Professional engineers 24/7 support
    5. OEM / ODM
    6. ISO9001 quality management system, IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, DQC process

    Successful Case

    Gcabling has successfully designed the enterprise modular data center solutions for customers in Southeast Asia, North America and Africa for many times.

    Based on the size of the equipment room, we can design:
    1. Electrostatic floor laying
    2. Combination of cabinets
    3. Layout of cable tray
    4. Data center cabling
    5. Corresponding product recommendations

    We provide our customers with the most cost-effective, high-performance data center solutions and product implementation recommendations to help reduce PUE below 1.5 and reduce the footprint of data center. This effectively reduces the cost input of customers.

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      Benefits of Modular Data Center Solution

      Compared with the traditional data center builds, the modular data center solution has more advantages. It solves the problems faced by traditional data centers and creates more value while meeting the business needs of customers. It has become the new standard and direction of the future data center construction mode.

      It is reflected in the following aspects:

      modular data center benefits


      Traditional data center may have the capacity to scale up the system, however the cost and time needed to execute may be high. Conversely, a modular data center solution supports quickly delivered, ready for use and can be easily scaled up when needed, providing great flexibility and scalability.

      Product Standardization

      Modular data center is typically constructed and assembled with a focus on modularization, standardization, and high integration, ensuring consistent quality and enhanced system stability. At the same time, standardized product manufacturing can also reduce production costs and improve economy.

      Energy Conservation

      The modular data center solution offers enhanced work efficiency and energy use efficiency through allowing for a good match between the capacity and workload of its power and cooling system. It is designed with sealed cold aisle to isolate hot and cold air, preventing the loss of air and refrigeration amount. This feature significantly increases the cooling efficiency compared to traditional data center.

      Cost Saving

      • Time cost. Modular data center solution can realize faster delivery and shorter installation time due to its modular production process.
      • Space cost. Modular data center solution enables users to build data center as needed, and optimized design enables it to occupy less space.
      • Maintenance cost. Most of the equipments are installed on an array cabinet, making maintenance more efficient and easier.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: What products are involved in data center solution?

        A: The products of data center solution include: network cabinet, server rack, PDU, UPS, server, network switch, router, storage device, CRAC, shelf, fan, ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, and other accessories…

        Q: What are the main functions of the data center?


        1) Storing computers, storage and network equipments
        2) Providing thepower needed to maintain these equipments
        3) Providingtemperature controlled environment required to operate these equipments
        4) Providingconnections for other equipments inside and outside the data center
        5) Providingother services required to support these equipments

        Q: What is the process of designing a data center solution?

        A: The process of designing a data center solution usually includes: defining the goals and requirements, selecting a location, assessing the existing infrastructure, determining the required hardware and software, planning the physical layout, designing the network topology, implementing power and cooling systems, testing and validating the solution and planning for future growth.

        Q: If there is no special air conditioner in the data center, what will may happen?


        • Unable to maintaina constant temperature
        • Local temperature overheating
        • The humidity in the equipmentroom is too high or too low
        • Insufficient cleanliness
        Q: What is the cost difference between a traditional data center and a modular data center?
        A: Procurement cost: traditional data center < modular data center;
        Construction cost:  traditional data center > modular data center;
        Operating cost: traditional data center > modular data center.
        In the whole life cycle of the data center, the total cost of the modular data center is less than that of the traditional data center.
        Q: Can Gcabling modular data center solution be placed outdoors?

        A: It cannot be placed in an outdoor environment because it cannot meet the requirements of outdoor waterproof, anti-theft and anti-seismic.

        Q: The floor height of the room is low, and the electrostatic floor cannot be laid. Does the Gcabling modular data center solution support it?

        A: Gcabling modular data center solution supports air conditioning pipes to be routed from the top, and can be directly deployed on the cement floor. The clear height under the beam should be at least 2.4 meters.