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Do you need a server rack manufacturer to source network cabinets, whether for homes, offices, public places or large data center projects? In Germany, there are many professional network rack manufacturers to choose from, and they can offer different types of data cabinets to meet your needs.

Gcabling, as an expert in the network and server cabinet industry with over 20 years experience, has listed 10 best German server cabinet manufacturers in the post. Let’s take a look at the basic information of these companies and see what makes them stand out. We hope this post will help you find the right data center racks manufacturer to work with.

Here we go.

10 Leading Data Cabinet Suppliers in DE:

1. Rittal

2. nVent SCHROFF

3. Lehmann IT

4. EFB-Elektronik


6. apra

7. CobiNet


9. HYPER Tech

10. Gcabling Electronic

10 Top Network Rack Manufacturers in Germany

Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, Power Distribution Supplier

Headquarters: Auf dem Stützelberg, D-35745 Herborn

Year Established: 1961

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Network Cabinet, Power Distribution, Air Conditioning

Rittal Server Rack

Rittal was founded in 1961 and has now developed into a leading global manufacturer and supplier of enclosure systems, automation, and infrastructure. Rittal provides a wide range of products, mainly including IT infrastructure, control cabinets, power distribution, air conditioning, accessories, and more.

For many years, Rittal has been continuously innovating products to meet changing market demands, and their products and solutions are suitable for over 90% of industries worldwide. Rittal products are all manufactured in accordance with international standards and can be customized according to customers’ needs, consistently representing the best quality in the industry.


Contact: +49 (0) 2772 505-0, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form


Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, Cable Management Supplier

Headquarters: Langenalber Strasse 96-100, Straubenhardt, 75334

Year Established: 1962

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Data Cabinet, Cable Management, Subrack & Chassis

nVent SCHROFF Server Rack

Established in 1962, nVent SCHROFF is a leading server rack manufacturer in Germany, dedicated to developing electronic infrastructure for a wide range of applications. They provide a wide range of products, mainly including network cabinets, racks, cases, subracks, etc.

nVent SCHROFF products are recognized globally and comply with national and international standards, providing high-quality products to customers worldwide. They can also modify or customize solutions that meet your specific needs.


Contact: +49 (0) 7082 794 0, Email: [email protected]


Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, UPS Supplier

Headquarters: Im Alber 10, D-73084 Salach

Year Established: 1983

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Server Cabinet, PDU, UPS

Lehmann IT Server Rack

Lehmann IT was founded in 1983 and is a professional data center racks manufacturer and supplier for the IT and electronics industries in Germany. They are able to provide a wide range of high-quality and innovative server and network cabinets, as well as related accessories such as blind panels, PDUs, UPS, KVM switches, etc.

For many years, Lehmann IT has always manufactured every server cabinet with the highest quality standards and strictest precision, and has been continuously introducing different models and sizes of rack cabinets, thereby expanding their product portfolio. They can also develop and produce personalized special solutions to meet the different needs of customers.


Contact: +49-(0)7162-94954-0, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

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    Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

    Headquarters: Striegauer Straße 1, 33719 Bielefeld, Germany

    Year Established: 1988

    Main Markets: Worldwide

    Main Products: Server Rack, Patch Cord, Fiber Optic Cable

    EFB-Elektronik Server Rack

    EFB Elektronik was established in 1988, headquartered in Germany, and is one of the leading network cabinet manufacturers. They can offer a wide range of structured cabling and data center products, as well as customized products suitable for different applications, mainly including network and server rack cabinets, fiber optic cabling, copper cabling, power supply, etc.

    Their quality philosophy is based on ISO 9001 quality system, always focusing on product production standards and product quality inspection, committed to providing customers with high-performance and high-quality products.


    Contact: +49 521 40 41 80, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form


    Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, PDU Supplier

    Headquarters: Industriestraße 41, D-57518 Betzdorf

    Year Established: 1998

    Main Markets: Worldwide

    Main Products: Rack Cabinet, PDU, Cooling Solution

    SCHÄFER Server Rack

    SCHÄFER IT-systems is an innovative manufacturer of professional cabinet solutions, specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative server and network cabinets since 1998.

    Their products are manufactured and tested according to the latest international standards, and a wide range of different server racks and accessories fully meet all the needs placed on high-performance data centers. In addition, SCHÄFER IT-systems can also offer customized data center solutions to meet customers’ personalized needs.


    Contact: +49 2741 283-770, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form


    Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, Electronics Housing Supplier

    Headquarters: At the lowest mill 5, D-54552 Mehren

    Year Established: 1969

    Main Markets: Worldwide

    Main Products: Data Center Cabinet, Electronics Housing, Plastic Housing

    apra Server Rack

    apra is a Germany-based professional  server cabinet manufacturer and data center solution provider. They have been focusing on the development and production of 19 inch data cabinets and housing systems, air conditioning and power distribution solutions.

    apra is an ISO9001 certified company that adheres to high-quality production standards and continuous production process optimization. They collaborate with well-known data center operators to jointly develop future network cabinet technology. Their self-developed and manufactured server cabinet solutions can meet all customer demands in terms of security and flexibility.


    Contact: +49 (0) 6592 / 204-0, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

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      Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, Network Cable Supplier

      Headquarters: Robert-Bosch-Straße 33, 68542 Heddesheim

      Year Established: 1995

      Main Markets: Worldwide

      Main Products: Server Rack Cabinet, Ethernet Cable, ODF

      CobiNet Server Rack

      CobiNet is one of the leading server data cabinet manufacturers in Germany with over 20 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality products, including network rack cabinets, fibre / copper cabling system products, tools, and more.

      Quality is a constant pursuit of CobiNet, which has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ensures the high quality of its products through continuous testing and certification. In addition to products, CobiNet provides comprehensive and innovative solutions and customized solutions to meet customer’s requirements.


      Contact: +49 (0) 6203/4900-0, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form


      Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, Patch Panel Supplier

      Headquarters: Neue Wildenauer Straße 7, 08237 Steinberg OT Rothenkirchen

      Year Established: 2001

      Main Markets: Worldwide

      Main Products: 19 Rack Cabinet, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Patch Panel

      FICONET Server Rack

      Ficonet is a German 19 network rack manufacturer established in 2001. They have a series of products that meet customer needs, such as network cabinets, fiber optic products, copper cabling products, etc. Their data rack cabinets and accessories can be used in both office areas and personal network needs, and have been standardized for a wide range of applications.

      Ficonet always satisfies their customers with the highest quality standards, the fastest delivery times and a comprehensive product range tailored to their needs.


      Contact: +49 (0) 37462 6360-0, Email: Email: sales@ficonet.en or Contact Form


      Type of Business: Server Rack Manufacturer, Shelf Supplier

      Headquarters: 2 Am Sportplatz Rosdorf, Gottingen, Germany.

      Year Established: 2003

      Main Markets: Worldwide

      Main Products: Data Center Cabinet, Fan, Shelf

      HYPER Tech Server Rack

      Hyper Tech is a German manufacturer founded in 2003, specializing in the production of data center racks, cabinets, related accessories, and OEM production.

      Hyper Tech has a professional R & D department with rich experience in the field of server cabinet manufacturing. The company’s production base has introduced world-class high-precision CNC equipment, and they carry out strict quality control and inspection on raw materials and the entire production process to ensure the high quality of products. They are constantly improving and innovating, providing customers with high quality products in accordance with international standards, and driving the development of global network infrastructure.


      Contact: +49-157-7867-4533, Email: Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

      GCABLING ELECTRONIC logo Fiber Optic Products Manufacturer, Network Cabling Solutions Supplier

      Gcabling is a leading server rack manufacturer and supplier in China with 20+ years experience. We are able to supply a wide range network cabinets, mainly including wall mout type, floor standing type, racks and related accessories. OEM / ODM products are also available.

      Gcabling data cabinets are manufactured in accordance with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC60297-2, DIN41494:PART1, DIN41494:PART7, and are from the same production lines as well-known brands such as Panduit and excel. We are sure that the quality of Gcabling products we provide meet or exceed the international standard.

      Meanwhile, we are also a professional provider of data center solution, our experienced engineers can design and supply solutions according to your needs.

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