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Currently, network cabinets are widely used in places such as network wiring rooms, server rooms, data centers, research centers, as well as control centers, monitoring centers, hospitals, schools and other public places.

They are designed with features:

  • Reasonable structure
  • Ventilation and heat dissipation
  • Cable management
  • Security protection
  • Expandability

Network server cabinets can effectively organize, manage, and protect network equipment, simplify network cabling, enhance heat dissipation and ventilation, and and optimize space usage.

To ensure the right selection of data cabinets, it is crucial to consider the material quality, maintenance performance, heat dissipation capability, flexibility, and security. By combining our usage requirements with these factors, we can choose the most suitable network rack cabinet.


Gcabling has 20+ years of experience in supplying network cabinets.

  1. Standard: comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC60297-2, DIN41494:PART1, DIN41494:PART7
  2. Certification: CE
  3. SPCC steel, electrostatic powder spray
  4. Cable can enter into the cabinet from top and bottom panel
  5. Various styles of front and rear doors are available to meet different ventilation requirements
  6. Optimally designed Disassembled packaging solutions protect products, reduce volume and reduce transport costs by 30-40%

Our server rack cabinets are from the same production lines as well-known brands such as Panduit and excel, ensuring high product quality, are optimal solutions for the management and organization of structured cabling.

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    Complete Specifications

    Server Rack Network Cabinet Manufacturers & Suppliers Provide A Full Range Of Products

    As one of the earliest network server rack data cabinet manufacturers and suppliers in China, Gcabling range consists of different types of network cabinets. Both wall mount cabinets and network cabinets have complete specifications and can be customized.

    Gcabling Wall Mount Network Rack
    Gcabling Wall Cabinet

    Static Loading: 80KG

    Optional Accessories: cable management, PDU, blank panel, fan, shelf, screw…

    Gcabling Server Rack
    Gcabling floor Cabinet

    Static Loading: 1000KG

    Optional Accessories: cable management, PDU, blank panel, fan, shelf, screw…

    Gcabling Rack
    Gcabling Rack

    Static Loading: 200KG / 300KG

    Optional Accessories: cable management, PDU, blank panel, fan, shelf, screw…

    Gcabling Rack Accessories

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      High Product Quality

      Strong Network Data Cabinet Manufacturer & Supplier, Product Quality Assurance

      Gcabling network cabinets have many quality highlights that are different from other network cabinets, which makes data cabinets favored by many customers and also makes us different from other 19 equipment server rack network cabinet manufacturers and data cabinet suppliers.

      1. Cabinet Material

      Gcabling network cabinets are all made of high-quality cold rolled SPCC steel, can ensure the long-term toughness and load-bearing performance of the cabinets.

      2. Structure Design

      Gcabling network cabinets are carefully designed by professional engineers and manufactured by high-precision automatic equipment, which can ensure the precision, structural stability, and better loading capacity of server cabinets. The static loading of Gcabling server cabinets is 800-1500 KGS and 60-120 KGS of wall mounts cabinets.

      Gcabling Rack Cabinet

      3. Ventilation Rate

      For server cabinets, heat dissipation is very important. Gcabling has several types of front and rear doors, like tempered glass door, sheet steel door, mesh door, vented door are all available for customers to meet the ventilation rate requirements in different application environments. Among them, the ventilation rate of double mesh door can reach 70%, and the ventilation rate of door with mesh can reach 80%.

      Cabinet Door Type

      4. Security

      The front door door, rear door, side door of Gcabling server rack cabints all can be locked, if required, they can also be changed to coded locks, which effectively improve the the security of the data cabinets.

      Production Equipment
      Production Equipment
      Production Equipment
      Production Equipment
      Production Equipment
      Production Equipment

      What We Can Offer

      Leading Data Center Server Racks Manufacturer & Data Cabinet Supplier

      1. One-stop service: professional engineers can design data center room solutions that including electrostatic floors, cable troughs, various industrial PDUs, UPS, and battery packs for customer according to the actual situation of the room site.

      2. Recommending appropriate network cabinet according to different application scenarios for Data Center Solution, Network Cabling Solution, Fiber Optic Solution

      3. OEM / ODM is available

      4. Automatic production, monthly production capacity of 3000 units

      5. Fast delivery, Gcabling wall mount cabinets delivering within 24 hours, OEM network cabinets delivering within 30 days

      6. Installation guide, experienced technicians can support distance teaching to solve various installation problems


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        Gcabling Wall Cabinet

        If you are a network cabling installation company, wholesaler or E-commerce seller, Gcabling bulk wall mounted cabinets are ready to ship to support fast delivery.

        MOQ: 1 PC, delivering within 24 hours

        19″ Wall Cabinet


        Net Weight: 14.4KG


        6U Wall Cabinet

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          19″ Wall Cabinet


          Net Weight: 18KG


          9U Wall Cabinet

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            19″ Wall Cabinet


            Net Weight: 21.5KG


            12U Wall Cabinet

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              More Stock Product Options

              * 4 pcs of mounting rail
              * Side door with lock
              * Honeycomb cartons packaging

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Q: What size of network server cabinets does Gcabling supply?

                A: As one of the leading network cabinet manufacturers, Gcabling can offer 19″ and 10″ standard network data cabinets, with heights ranging from 4U to 47U, widths ranging from 570mm to 800mm, and depths ranging from 450mm to 1200mm.

                Q: What are the advantages of network cabinet?

                A: A good server cabinet means that the computer can run in a good environment. The network cabinet systematically solves the problems of high-density heat dissipation, a large number of cable installation and management, large-capacity power distribution, and comprehensive compatibility with the rack equipment of different factories in computer applications, thus enabling the data center to operate in a highly stable environment.

                Q: For server rack cabinets, there are SPCC steel door, tempered glass door and vented door, how to choose?

                A: Firstly, you can make a choice based on whether the application environment requires ventilation, while the mesh door supports a ventilation rate of up to 80%.

                Secondly, tempered glass doors are usually the front door, while sheet steel doors are the rear door, which is a common choice in the market.

                Q: How to determine the quality of the rack data cabinet?

                A: 1. Check the matching precision of the assembled network cabinet and gap size between the door and frame. The smaller gap means that the the production size control is more precise and the product structure is more stable.

                2. Weigh the entire server rack cabinet. The same size data cabinet, excluding accessories, heavier one is more stable.

                3. Check the internal structure of the rack server cabinet. More bends indicate higher product strength, as the bends in production can enhance the structural strength of the product.

                4. Check whethe the surface treatment has small bubbles or defects. A smooth surface and overall integrity of the network rack cabinet are guarantees that the server cabinet can be used for a long time without rusting.

                Q: What is the MOQ of the data cabinet?

                A: The MOQ of OEM order is 20 pcs, MOQ of Gcabling network cabinets is 1 pc. Please contact us quickly.

                Q: How soon can the rack cabinet be shipped?

                A: The network server cabinets in stock can be shipped within 24 hours. If customization is needed, rack cabinets will be shipped within 30 days.

                Q: Does Gcabling provide an installation service?

                A: We can provide customers with installation instructions and videos, and our professional engineering technicians provide 24-hour online assistance and guidance.