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What is T568A and T568B

T568A and T568B are two common network cable connection standards used for twisted pair copper cable connections in Ethernet networks. They define the connection sequence of each pair in the cable, ensuring the quality of data transmission and the reliability of the network. In the comprehensive cabling work, T568A and T568B serve as normative wiring standards, which can reduce errors, standardize wiring, and improve work efficiency.

Wiring Standard

Difference Between T568A and T568B

Both T568A and T568B can be used for connecting twisted pair copper cables. So what is the difference between T568A and T568B?

The main difference between these two wiring standards lies in the color sequence of the cable wires. The T568A standard has a wire sequence of white green, green, white orange, blue, white blue, orange, white brown, and brown, while the T568B standard has a wire sequence of white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, and brown.

As you can see, the color arrangement of 4 out of 8 wires in T568A and T568B standards is different.

Should I Use T568A or T568B?

Since there are two wiring standards, which standard has better signal transmission performance?

In practical network applications, the choice of these two standards usually depends on specific network application requirements and device compatibility, and there is no performance difference. T568B is the most commonly used standard in commercial and home networks, with most Ethernet devices and network wiring connected according to T568B standard, while T568A is more commonly used in certain special network environments.

Whether choosing T568A or T568B, they can provide the same performance and reliability for normal Ethernet applications. It is important that the two standards cannot be mixed and applied to the same cabling system, maintaining consistency throughout the entire network cabling can avoid confusion and incorrect connections, ensuring the reliability and performance of the network.

T568A vs T568B

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