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What is Server Rack Accessories?

Server rack accessories refer to components used for installing, managing, and organizing equipment inside the network cabinet. Network cabinet is a common type of cabinet used for installing network equipment, and corresponding server rack accessories can be configured according to different purposes and functions to meet the installation and use of network equipment.

Choosing appropriate network cabinet accessories can support, protect, and organize equipment inside the cabinet, effectively manage cables inside the server cabinet, and improve the stability of the network cabinet.

Server Rack Accessories

Common Types of Network Cabinet Accessories

There are different types and functions of server rack accessories here. Next, we will introduce common network cabinet accessories.


Shelfs are generally installed in network cabinets and are horizontal metal plates used to carry servers, switches, and other network equipment. At present, there are two main types of cabinet shelfs on the market: sliding shelfs and fixed shelfs. The standard shelf specifications are generally 19 inches, suitable for various 19 inch standard data cabinets. Different shelfs have different load capacities, which can meet the needs of network cabinets for different purposes.



Cabinet fans are generally installed on the top inside the network cabinet, mainly for heat dissipation, to ensure the normal working temperature of equipment inside the cabinet and ensure the stability of equipment operation. According to the equipment’s performance and usage environment, different power and quantity of cooling fans can be selected.

Cooling Fan

Blank Panel

Blank panel is an accessory used to cover the empty space inside the network cabinet, usually made of metal or plastic material, and comes in various specifications such as 1U and 2U. It can prevent dust and other substances from entering the interior of the cabinet, providing a clear and easy to manage environment. In addition, installing blank panels can isolate hot and cold airflow, which helps improve the heat dissipation effect of the equipment.

Server Rack Blank Panel

Cable Management

Network cable management is generally installed inside the network cabinet to organize and protect the cables, maintain the cables in an orderly manner, reduce confusion and maintenance difficulties, and make the wiring environment clean and beautiful. According to the different installation methods, they can be divided into horizontal cable management and vertical cable management. Horizontal cable management are generally used in conjunction with patch panels to provide convenient connection management, while vertical cable management are used for vertical management of network cables, eliminating the risk of cable damage or blockage.

Cable Management


PDU is usually installed in data cabinets to manage and distribute power to network devices in the cabinets, ensuring the reliability and safety of device power supply. Different PDUs have different functions, and various styles of plugs and sockets can be selected to provide suitable power distribution solutions for different power environments.

PDU Power Distribution Unit

The above are just some common data cabinet accessories. In fact, there are many other rack accessories, such as door locks, adjustable feet, castors, etc., which can be selected and used according to specific needs such as the required equipment and usage environment, in order to achieve the best usage effect and performance.

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