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What is Duct Fiber Optic Cable?

Duct fiber optic cable refers to a specific type of optical cable specifically designed for wiring through pre laid ducts (duct materials can be selected based on geographical location, such as concrete, asbestos cement, steel pipes, plastic pipes, etc). It has been widely used in various application scenarios that require long-distance, high-speed, and high reliability optical signal transmission.

Duct Fiber Optic Cable

Features of Underground Fibre Optic Cable

High Protection

Duct fiber optical cables can effectively prevent physical damage and interference from the external environment to the optical fibers through the external protection of the pipeline, providing higher fiber protection performance.

Convenient Maintenance

Due to the installation of optical cables in the pipeline, maintenance personnel can more easily carry out cable repair, replacement, and maintenance inside the pipeline, reducing the complexity and risk of maintenance work.

Long Distance Transmission

Duct fibre optic cables are usually suitable for long-distance optical fiber transmission and can carry high bandwidth and high-speed optical signal transmission requirements.

Application of Duct Optical Cable

Duct fibre optic cables are usually laid underground in ducts and conduits, are widely used in access networks, FTTH networks, urban networks and telecom duct systems.

Access Network Duct Fiber Cable

Access Network

FTTX Network Duct Fiber Cable

FTTX Network

Urban Network Duct Fiber Cable

Urban Network

Installation of Duct Fibre Optic Cable

When it comes to the installation method of duct optical cables, the pulling method and the air blowing method are two common methods.

Pulling Method

Pulling method refers to the installation of optical cables into pre installed ducts through manual traction or traction machines, and the use of pre installed ropes inside the pipelines to make the cables pass through the ducts. This method is suitable for short distance fiber optic cable wiring.

Duct Cable Installation Pulling Method

Air Blowing Method

Air blowing method is an installation method that involves using compressed air to push optical cables into ducts or conduits. This method is suitable for long-distance fiber optic cable wiring, especially in pre laid ducts or conduits.

Duct Cable Installation Air Blowing Method

Gcabling Fiber Duct Cable

Standard Duct Optical Fibre Cable

If you need fibre optic duct cables, please contact Gcabling. Here we list several standard fiber cables can be used in ducts.

Customize Your Duct Fiber Cable

If our standard duct optical fibre cables cannot meet the demand, we can do OEM / ODM according to your specifications.

Customization Process

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