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What is ADSS Fiber Optic Cable?

ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) fiber optic cable is a kind of aerial cable designed for aerial installation and deployment. It is the only fiber cable that can work under high-voltage environment,  suitable for various outdoor applications.

Currently, there are single jacket ADSS cable, double jacket ADSS cable, and mini ADSS cable on the market normally.

ADSS Cable

Features of ADSS Cable

1. Small size, light weight, strong structure, and flexible application;

2. Made of non-metallic materials, good electrical insulation performance;

3. Non-metallic materials as center member to support its own weight in overhead lines without the need for additional support poles or straps;

4. High tensile strength, maintain stable transmission performance in harsh environment.

Structures of ADSS Fiber Cable

There are two types of ADSS cable structures, central tube structure and stranded structure.

Central Tube Structure

In the ADSS optical cable with a central tube structure, the optical fibers are placed in a PBT loose tube filled with water blocking material. Then wrap it in aramid yarn, finally the outer jacket.

The advantages of this structure include small diameter, light weight, good waterproof performance, low price, and easy installation. But the fiber length is limited.

Central Tube Structure

Stranded Structure

In the ADSS fiber cable with a stranded structure, the optical fibers and water blocking grease are added to the PBT loose tube, and lay different loose tubes around non-metallic central strength member (normally FRP), wrapped with aramid yarn, and finally the outer jacket. According to the different environments in which ADSS cables are applied, single jacket or double jacket ADSS fiber optic cables can be manufactured.

The stranded structure ensures the waterproof performance of the optical cable and has more laying methods. The longer fiber length also makes this type of ADSS cable more suitable for large-span applications. Of course, the price is also more expensive.

Stranded Structure

Application of ADSS Optical Cable

ADSS fiber optic cable, due to its non-metallic material and excellent electrical insulation performance, is the only optical cable that can work under high-voltage environments and can be used in areas with frequent lightning strikes and large-span overhead applications.

High-voltage Application

Lightning Strike Area Application

Large-span Application

Gcabling ADSS Cable

Standard ADSS Cable

Gcabling has extensive experience in manufacturing ADSS fiber cables. Here we list several standard ADSS cables.

Customize Your ADSS Cable

If our standard ADSS cables cannot meet the demand, we can do OEM / ODM according to your specifications.

Customization Process

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