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If you want to work with an ethernet patch cord manufacturer in Germany, you have many options. There are many patch cord manufacturing companies in DE that can manufacture and supply Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 8 patch cables.

Gcabling, as a specialist in the patch cord manufacturing industry as well as a famous patch cable manufacturer with 20+ years experience, has selected and listed 8 best German patch cord manufacturers in the post to help you find a good partner.

You will learn about these manufacturers from this post and can contact them directly to negotiate business through the contact information we have collected. 

Let us started!

Company list:

Leading 8 Suppliers of Network Patch Cord in DE:

1. Weidmüller


3. Telegärtner

4. Premium-Line Systems GmbH



7. in-akustik

8. Gcabling Electronic

8 Best German Lan Patch Cord Manufacturers

Type of Business: Patch Cord Manufacturer, Ethernet Connector Supplier

Headquarters: Klingenbergstraße 16, 32758 Detmold

Year Established: 1850

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Patch CordEthernet Connector, Enclosure

Weidmüller Patch Cord

Weidmüller is a famous Germany-based cable products manufacturer and supplier since 1850. They offer a range of products, including RJ45 patch cables, distribution boxes, enclosures, tools, etc.

Weidmüller is ISO9001 certificated and manufactured products meet or exceed industry and international standards. They will continue to provide customers with suitable product combinations and solutions to meet their different needs.


Contact: +49 5231 14-0, Email: [email protected]

Type of Business: Patch Cord Manufacturer, HDMI Cable Supplier

Headquarters: Markircher Str. 22, 68229 Mannheim, Germany

Year Established: 1932

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Patch Cord, HDMI Cable, Patch Panel

LINDY Patch Cord

Lindy was founded in 1932 as a leading provider of connectivity solutions based in Germany. They offer a wide range of products, including cables & adapters, audio & video products,system components, etc.

Lindy is ISO9001 certified and has a comprehensive quality control process. They only use products and materialsthat meet standards, and regularly conduct random sampling for REACH, RoHS, POP and other laboratory tests to ensure the compliance of Lindy products.


Contact: +49 621 470050, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

Type of Business: Patch Cord Manufacturer, Network Cable Supplier

Headquarters: Lerchenstraße 35, 71144 Steinenbronn, Germany

Year Established: 1945

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Patch Cord, RJ45 Connector, Network Cable

Telegärtner Patch Cord

Telegärtner is a leading German manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing connectors, RJ45 patch cables, fiber optic patch cords, and other cabling products since 1945.

They have a wide range of PVP certified products: RJ45 patch cables, keystone jacks, fiber optic patch cords, optical pigtails, etc., and offer a 25-year system warranty. Telegärtner has been continuously expanding their product range to provide customers with high-quality products and solutions to meet market demand.


Contact: +49 7157 125-0, Email: [email protected]

Type of Business: Patch Cord Manufacturer, Server Rack Supplier

Headquarters: Rosenheimer Strasse 89, 83064 Raubling, Germany

Year Established: 1968

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Patch Cord, ODF, Server Rack

Premium-Line Patch Cord

Established in 1968, Premium-Line Systems GmbH is a jumper manufacturing company headquartered in Germany. They provide a wide range of products, including Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 7, and 8 copper system products, fiber optic system products, and data center system products, etc.

Premium-Line has passed IS09001 certification. The products have excellent performance, meet and exceed all existing international standards, and have obtained certifications such as ETL and 3P. Premium-Line will continue to provide high-performance network transmission products and customized solutions to customers around the world.


Contact: +49 8035 9836 0, Email: [email protected]

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    Type of Business: Patch Cord Manufacturer, Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

    Headquarters: Im Tal 2, 78176 Blumberg, Germany

    Year Established: 1976

    Main Markets: Worldwide

    Main Products: Patch Cable,  Patch Panel, Fiber Optic Cable

    METZ CONNECT Patch Cord

    METZ CONNECT is a German network patch cable manufacturer with decades of experience. They provide a wide range of product combinations, including various wires and cables, connection products, intelligent system components, and other cabling products, etc.

    The high-quality patch cords manufactured by METZ CONNECT can be used wherever high-speed data transmission is required in local area networks (LAN). These cables have been tested and recognized by GHMT, ensuring the high quality and compatibility with the system.


    Contact: +49 (0)7702 / 533-0, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

    Type of Business: Patch Cord Manufacturer, Fiber Patch Cable Supplier

    Headquarters: Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Str. 36, 85591 Vaterstetten / Munich, Germany

    Year Established: 1979

    Main Markets: Worldwide

    Main Products: Patch Cord, Bulk Cable, Fiber Patch Cable

    KLOTZ AIS Patch Cord

    KLOTZ AIS, founded in 1979, is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, network, and fiber optic cables that provide a wide range of high quality cable products and system solutions. They develop and manufacture high-quality and high-performance cables themselves, and can accurately and quickly design products that fully meet customer’s needs.

    KLOTZ AIS has excellent quality management standards and ISO9001 certification, ensuring the consistent high manufacturing quality of all products.


    Contact: +49.(0)8106.308.0, Email: [email protected]

    Type of Business: Patch Cord Manufacturer, DP Cable Supplier

    Headquarters: Untermatten 12-14, 79282 Ballrechten-Dottingen, Deutschland

    Year Established: 1977

    Main Markets: Worldwide

    Main Products: Patch Cord, DP Cable, HDMI Cable

    in-akustik Patch Cord

    in-akustik is a professional cable manufacturer that specialize in manufacturing audio & video cables, network patch cables, power cables, etc. since 1977.

    Their products are all manufactured in internal production plants and can support OEM production. They can adjust and develop personalized products according to customer requirements. in akustik products have undergone strict testing and are of excellent quality, they will continue to provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective products.


    Contact: +49 7634 5610-0, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

    GCABLING ELECTRONIC logo Fiber Optic Products Manufacturer, Network Cabling Solutions Supplier

    Gcabling is a  professional lan patch cord manufacturer and supplier in China. We have 20+ years of experience in manufacturing network patch cables that include category 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 8.

    Gcabling has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and the company has a sound quality control process, including IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, DQC process. The products are tested by the 3rd party labs and get the certificates of UL, ETL, CE-RoHS.

    Gcabling also can provide OEM / ODM services to manufacture custom patch cords that can be widely used in the network cabling solutions, meeting customer’s different needs.

    Welcome to contact us – Gcabling.

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