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Fiber Patch Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers

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Gcabling Series Products Are Ready To Ship For Network Cabling Installation Company, Wholesaler & E-commerce Seller.

ODF is the abbreviation for optical distribution frame as well as the fiber tray, usually consists of a steel housing and the internal fiber splice tray as the main components. It can play a role in fiber connection and distribution in optical fiber network systems, while also providing management and protection of optical cables, has been widely used in the construction of optical communication network.

Gcabling is a leading fiber optic patch panel supplier in China, we have started to do ODM for ODF since 2008. Our optical fibre patch panels are manufactured according to standards such as ISO/IEC 17417:2011 strictly, different designed ODF can meet your all needs in network cabling solutions.

Gcabling ODF
Gcabling ODF

Unique Designed ODF

Fiber Patch Panel Manufacturer Has Unique Designes

Based on 15+ years of ODM experience in manufacturing ODF, we have various series of ODF.

  • Style: slide style, module style, economical fixed style…
  • Capacity: 12 core to 288 core
  • Product size: 1U to 4U
  • Connector type: SC / LC / ST / FC / DIN / MT-RJ…customized

All kinds of ODF are compatible with 19” server racks. We have the ability to design different types of ODF according to the needs of actual application scenarios, welcome to contact our online engineers at any time.

Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

    Certificate: CE
    Standard: 1)European Parliament and Council Directive 2011/65/EU on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) with its Amendments
    2)Reference to (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU

    Certificate: Quality Management System Certificate
    Standard: ISO9001:2015

    Gcabling ODFs are designed according to ISO/IEC 17417:2011.

    ODF Certificate
    ISO9001 Certificate

    High Quality

    ODF Supplier Provides Quality Products

    Gcabling ODFs are manufactured under strict quality control system. Each quality control step, IQC, IPQC, and OQC, is strictly executed by specialized personnels in accordance with ISO9001 management standards.

    • 10 professional technicians
    • Specialized precision machines
    • Strict production controls & quality inspections

    We can ensure that each ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) meets perfect quality.

    Product Material

    * Material of Housing:

    High quality cold-rolled steel sheet (SPCC)

    * Surface Treatment:

    Degreasing – Rust removal – Cleaning – Phosphating – Drying – Electrostatic spraying – Curing – Coating inspection

    Internal Design

    * Professional internal structural design:

    optical cables wiring bending radius ≥ 40mm

    * Different inlet cable hole designs support the needs of different application scenarios

    * Ear plate is removable and adjustable, support different installation requirements and packaging designs

    Fiber Splice Tray

    * Material:

    high quality engineering plastics ABS

    * Capacity:

    12 / 24 / 36 /48 core


    Different packaging solution is optional

    * Carton packaging+ EPE pearl cotton

    * Full carton packaging

    What We Can Offer

    NO.1 Fiber Patch Panel Supplier From China

    1. High cost-effective ODF with different types, widely used in the Fiber Optic Solution and Data Center Solution

    2. OEM / ODM, on demand customization

    3. Professional engineers 24/7 online service


    Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

      Gcabling ODF

      If you are a network cabling installation company, wholesaler or E-commerce seller

      Gcabling fiber optic patch panels are ready to ship to support fast delivery.

      MOQ: 1 PC, delivering within 24 hours

      Economical, cost-effective

      1U 24 Port ODF

      Depth: 225mm


      SC UPC connector

      Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

        High quality rail sliding

        1U 24 Port ODF

        Depth: 300mm


        SC APC connector

        Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

          Sliding rail, unique design

          1U 24 Port ODF

          Depth: 310mm



          Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

            Vertical module design

            4U 144 Port ODF

            Depth: 265mm


            Cold quick connector

            Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

              Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

                Frequently Asked Questions

                Q: What are the benefits of using ODF?

                A: Using ODF is flexible in configuration, easy to install, maintain, and manage fiber cables, can effectively improve network flexibility.

                Q: Can ODF be customized?

                A: Yes, it can be customized, such as the number of ports, connector types, and even the appearance can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

                Q: Can I install the ODF myself?

                A: Yes, you can install the ODF yourself, but we still recommended that you consult our professional engineers or other professionals to ensure correct installation.

                Q: What tools are needed when installing fiber optic patch panel?

                A: The installation of fiber patch panel usually needs tools such as fiber cutter, fiber stripper, and fiber crimping tool.

                Q: How to choose the appropriate fiber patch panel?

                A: When choosing the fiber patch panel, you need to consider the network speed requirements, number of ports required, and type of fiber connectors used, etc.

                Q: Where can I find fiber optic patch panel manufacturers and suppliers?

                A:  If you need fiber patch panel manufacturers from China, Gcabling is your best choice, please contact us soon. If you need suppliers from other regions, we will sort out a collection of regional ODF manufacturers / suppliers later, you can pay more attention to our website to get the information.