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Fiber optic connectors are currently widely used in various fields of fiber optic communication and transmission, especially in scenarios that require high capacity, high-speed, and stable signal transmission. They have the characteristics of fast connection, low insertion loss, high stability, high reliability, easy assembly / disassembly, and strong compatibility.

As one of the leading fiber optic connector manufacturers and suppliers in China, Gcabling fiber connectors are designed and manufactured with an ISO9001 quality management system. Available general connector styles include SC, LC, ST and FC. Feature connectors with ceramic ferrules and have high performance.

Standard: GR-326-CORE, IEC61300-3-33, IEC 60874-1
Connector Type: SC, LC, ST, FC, E2000, DIN, MT-RJ, MU, MPO, MTP
Polish Type: UPC, APC
Fiber Mode: Single-mode, Multimode

Gcabling fiber connector

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    Full Range Of Styles

    Optic Connector Supplier Meet Your Needs

    Gcabling has a complete line of fiber connectors for any telecommunications application. Available in Multimode and Single-mode version. The regular connector styles in Gcabling include SC, LC, ST and FC and the polish type UPC, APC is optional. Other connector types like E2000, DIN, MT-RJ, MU, MPO, MTP are also available. Our optical connectors have a variety of unique designs and meanwhile we make quickly on request, can meet different needs of customers.

    Fiber Connector Style

    Quality Assurance

    Fiber Optic Connector Manufacturers Control Quality From The Source

    As one of the top fiber connector manufacturers, Gcabling always puts product quality first and is committed to providing our customers with high quality, cost-effective products.

    1. High Performance Material

    Gcabling connector is made of high performance material, whaich can effectively clamp the internal fiber so that it will not move. Using high-precision ceramic ferrule, and controlling the ferrule concentric rate strictly at 1.0 to make data transmission more stable.

    2. Unique Design

    Gcabling fiber connectors have the characteristics of high precision and strength.

    • High quality matching GEL and unique design of V slot to hold the fiber core close, steadly.
    • As the contact is fixed in the V slot, the anti-seismic and anti-moisture performance is significantly improved, and the factors affecting the stability of the loss connection are greatly reduced, this greatly improves data performance.
    • V-slot design can ensure that the pass rate of quick connection is more than 99%, and the quality control of 100% inspection in the production process, which effectively ensures product quality.

    3. Product Performance

    Gcabling optical fiber connectors are manufactured to comply with RoHS and IEC standards. Product performance is stable. Our fibre connectors are easy and simple to operate, the assembly time is less than 1 minute. Insertion loss is ≤ 0.5 dB (average is ≤ 0.3 dB), mechanical durability can reach 1000 times, and the product has a service life of up to 20 years.

    fiber connector advantage

    What We Can Offer

    Professional Fiber Connector Manufacturers Provide Professional Services

    Gcabling is a professional fiber optic products manufacturer and supplier, the strength of us is to provide passive optical devices.

    1. Fiber optic connectors with competitive price, widely used in the Fiber Optic Solution and Network Cabling Solution

    2. OEM / ODM is available

    3. ISO9001 quality management system, IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, DQC process

    4. Assembly instructions for each style, professional engineers 24/7 support


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      Gcabling Fiber Optic Connector

      If you are a network cabling installation company, wholesaler or E-commerce seller, Gcabling bulk fiber optic connectors are ready to ship to support fast delivery.

      MOQ: 1 PC, delivering within 24 hours

      SC UPC Fiber Fast Connector


      SC UPC connector

      Ceramic ferrule

      Require less space for wiring

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        SC APC Fiber Fast Connector


        SC APC connector

        Ceramic ferrule

        Durability: 1000 times

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          Fiber Cold Quick Connector


          Cold quick connector

          Convinent to operate

          Loss in the link ≤ 0.15 dB

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            Suitable for single-mode  (SM) 9/125um fiber
            MOQ: 1 pcs, delivering within 24 hours
            Annual sales of 1000000 pcs

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              Frequently Asked Questions

              Q: Where can fiber optic connectors be used?

              A: The application range of optical fiber connector includes FTTH FTTB fiber cabling system, security monitoring system, broadband campus network, intelligent broadband, broadband TV cable network.

              Q: What do you need to know before choosing a right connector?

              A: You need to know a few factors to choose a right fast fiber connector: APC or UPC, single-mode or multimode, applicable fiber diameter, product length, etc.

              Q: What is the difference between UPC and APC connectors?

              A: The main difference between the UPC and APC connectors is the optical fiber end faces. The UPC connector is angle-free polished (with a slight curvature) and is designed to provide horizontal return transmission of light energy. The APC connector features fiber end faces polished at an 8 degree Angle to prevent light from returning directly to the transmitter, providing better reflection performance. This causes some differences in return loss.

              Q: What are the advantages of embedded type fiber connectors?

              A: Embedded type fiber connector means a section of optical fiber is embedded in the connector core. After stripping and cutting, the optical fiber is butted with the embedded optical fiber in the V slot inside the connector, which is filled with matching GEL.

              1. The top of the embedded optical fiber in the ceramic core is ground to ensure the return loss;
              2. The matching GEL is filled in the internal matching, and the optical fiber end cutting is not excessively dependent;
              3. The preset optical fiber is solidified through glue injection, will not appear shaking, off-core situation.

              Q: Why need to clean the fibre optic connector?

              A: The size of a dust particle is equal to or larger than the size of a singlemode fiber core, and a single dust particle can completely block optical signals. Thus before working, should clean the optical fiber and connector ends with special solvents, detergent, lint-free wipes, and cotton swabs.

              Q: What tools are commonly used for the operation of fast connectors?

              A: Fiber cutter, fiex cutter, dust free paper, length fixer are generally used.

              Q: What if I can not assemble the fiber connectors?

              A: Don’t worry, our professional engineers are online 24/7, we support providing assembly instructions for each product, and if necessary, we also can provide assembly videos.

              Q: Why does the insertion loss of a connected connector increase or the fiber break during use?

              A: 1. The bare length or the total length of the optical cable exceeds the specified length. As a result, the optical fiber is cracked or broken due to the great bending and stress of the optical fiber. (Most common reason)
              2. The fiber is damaged when the coating layer is stripped due to tool reasons (can not be seen by naked eye). When the fiber is shaken by external force, it breaks.
              3. Some ONU have no clamping, and the fast connector will be detached from the ONU when it is shaken by external force.

              Q: Why does the installed connector not conduct after being used for a period of time?

              A: 1. The optical fiber cutting knife is not used or the cutting knife blade is damaged, and the cut end face is seriously abnormal. (The welding machine can check the end face) At that time, the line is temporarily switched on by the action of optical fiber matching GEL, and the matching GEL gradually separates from the end face with the passage of time, resulting in the gradual disconnection of the line. Solution: Try to re-cut the optical fiber and reassemble it. However, the problem may not be solved completely because there may be residual broken optical fiber in the device.
              2. The excessive shrinkage rate of the used drop cable is not up to the standard, especially in seasons with large changes in heat and cold. This is the cause if you remove the connector nuts and find that the fiber slight bend no longer exists. Solution: Do not hang the excess fiber outdoors, as far as possible to reduce the exposed drop cable outside, re-cut the optical fiber, slightly increase the optical fiber bending, and tighten the nuts as much as possible to solve the problem.

              Q: Where can I find fiber connector manufacturers and suppliers?

              A:  If you need custom fiber optic cable assemblies or other fiber optic products in China, Gcabling is your best choice, please contact us soon. If you need suppliers / manufacturers from other regions, we will sort out a collection of regional fiber connector manufacturers later, you can pay more attention to our website to get the information.