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Importance of Conductor Material to Network Cable

Conductor material is very important for the performance of twisted pair network cables, as it directly determines the conductivity of the network cable, ensuring its stability and reliability during high-speed data transmission. In addition, material of the conductor can also affect the anti-interference ability, mechanical strength, and cost of Ethernet cables. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate conductor material based on specific usage needs and environmental conditions.

Conductor Material

Common Conductor Materials for Ethernet Cable


Pure copper conductors are made of bare copper, with the best conductivity, good transmission performance and reliability, are generally considered the most ideal material for network cable conductors. Copper conductor network cables have a wider range of applications, but the cost is higher, commonly used in high demand network applications, such as high-speed Ethernet and data centers.


CCA (copper clad aluminum) conductor is a composite conductor made by covering an aluminum core with a copper outer layer. Compared to pure copper conductors, CCA conductors have poor conductivity, lower cost, can meet daily network needs. CCA LAN cables are often used in some low demand applications, such as home networks or general office environments.


Conductivity of CCS (copper cover steel) conductors is much lower than that of copper conductors and even lower than that of CCA conductors. Due to the poor conductivity of steel, CCS Ethernet cables are often used for low-cost applications, such as simple home networks or non critical data transmission.

In addition to the three most common conductor materials mentioned above, the conductor materials of Ethernet cables can also be made of CCAD, CCAM, ALM, etc. When selecting a network cable, it can be evaluated based on specific application scenarios and requirements.

How to Identify Conductor Material of LAN Cable

If you want to know what the conductor material of a network cable is, here is a simple method to distinguish it. If it is a multi stranded pure copper conductor, small balls will form after combustion; if it is a multi stranded CCA conductor, it will break after combustion, while if it is a multi stranded CCS conductor, there will be sparks after combustion.

Common Twisted Pair Ethernet Cable

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