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Are you looking for a Russian network cable manufacturer to source high-quality ethernet cables? We all know how important reliable, high-quality lan cables are to network stability. You are lucky as there are several famous ethernet cable manufacturers in Russia that can help your business.

To help you seek the best quality product and price in Russia, Gcabling, as an expert in network cables and also a manufacturer of lan cables, has compiled this list specially for you.

In this post, we have collected 6 Russian lan cable manufacturers, including their company information, contact information, etc. You can contact them for wholesale and retail business transactions.

Let us start!

Top 6 Russian Manufacturers of Network Lan Cable:

1. Kirskabel


3. Spetskabel



6. Gcabling Electronic


6 Best Ethernet Cable Manufacturers in Russia

Type of Business: Network Cable Manufacturer, Copper Wire Supplier

Headquarters: Lenina St House 1, Kirs, Kirov, 612820, Russian Federation

Year Established: 1729

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: Ethernet Cable, Power Cable, Copper Wire

Kirskabel Network Cable

Kirskabel is a leading manufacturing company of wire and cable products in Russia, with nearly 300 years of experience. They started manufacturing Category 5e, 6, and 7 lan cables since 2004. The products they provide are of excellent quality and stable performance.

Kirskabel is constantly committed to developing new cable products in line with international standards to meet the different needs of domestic and foreign customers


Contact: (83339) 2-92-00, Email: sekret@kirsс

Type of Business: Network Cable Manufacturer, Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

Headquarters: Moscow region, Podolsk, st. Bronnitskaya, 5

Year Established: 1960

Main Markets: Russia

Main Products: Lan Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, Power and Control Cable

SPKB Network Cable

SPKB is one of the oldest ethernet cable manufacturers in Russia. The wire and cable products they provide include lan cables, fiber optic cables, fire-resistant cables, power and control cables, etc. They manufacture cables and wires in accordance with GOST, and can also customize products according to customer’s technical requirements and specifications.

SPKB has always been committed to manufacturing high-quality and competitive cable products, continuously striving to ensure the quality of its products and meet the needs of consumers.


Contact: +7 (499) 929-86-75 / +74955056850, Email: [email protected] 

Type of Business: Network Cable Manufacturer, Optical Cable Assembly Supplier

Headquarters: st. Biryusinka, house 6, building 1-5, Moscow, 107497, Russia

Year Established: 1997

Main Markets: Russia

Main Products: Network Cable, Optical Cable Assembly, Coaxial Connector

Spetskabel Network Cable

Spetskabel was founded in 1997 and is a professional network cable manufacturer in Russia. They have been engaged in the manufacturing of wire and cable products, and the designing of new types of cables.

They offer a wide range of products, including ethernet cables for local computer networks, cables for fire protection, cables for security alarm, optical cable assemblies, etc. Spetskabel has passed ISO 9001 certification, and all products are tested in its own certified laboratory to ensure product quality.


Contact: +7 495 134-21-34 / 8 800 333-28-28, Email: [email protected]

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    Type of Business: Network Cable Manufacturer, Patch Panel Supplier

    Headquarters: 123298, Moscow, 3rd Khoroshevskaya st., 11

    Year Established: 1993

    Main Markets: Russia

    Main Products: Lan Cable, Patch Panel, Telecommunication Cabinet

    SUPR Network Cable

    SUPR is a famous network cable manufacturer in Russia that supply communication cables and equipment for the telecommunications market.

    They manufacturer lan cables under its brands SUPRLAN and Net.On, including Cat 5, 5e, 6 and 6A cables. Additionally, under the SUPRLAN brand, customers can purchase patch cords, keystone jacks and various telecommunications cabinets. SUPR cable products have excellent quality with competitive prices, can meet the different needs of customers.


    Contact: +7 (495) 649-68-45, Email: [email protected]

    Type of Business: Network Cable Manufacturer, RJ45 Connector Supplier

    Headquarters: 125430, Russian Federation, Moscow, st. Factory, d. 6, building 1

    Year Established: Not found

    Main Markets: Russia and the CIS

    Main Products: Ethernet Cable, RJ45 Connector, Surge Protector

    REXANT Network Cable

    REXANT is one of the leading manufacturers of cable and electrical products in Russia with 20+ years experience. They currently have over 11000 products in their series, including network lan cables.

    REXANT has a comprehensive quality control process, including the use of high-quality raw materials, strict quality control at all stages of production, and inspection and certification of products, etc. Affordable and high-quality products also make REXANT recognized by more and more consumers.


    Contact: +7 (495) 225-25-20, Email: [email protected]

    GCABLING ELECTRONIC logo Fiber Optic Products Manufacturer, Network Cabling Solutions Supplier

    If you want to source high-quality lan cables from the best manufacturer in China, why not contact Gcabling?

    Gcabling is  a professional ethernet cable manufacturer specializing in network cable manufactueing with 20+ years experience. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and strict quality management system, can manufacture and supply high quality ethernet cables to meet customer’s requirements.

    Our product range includes Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 and Cat8 network cables, and we support OEM / ODM manufacturing to meet the differnt needs of different customers. In addition, Gcabling has a solution design team, our professional engineers can design unique network cabling solutions for you.

    Contact Gcabling and order now!

    Cat6 Cable

    Cat6 Ethernet Cable

    Cat6A Cable

    Cat6A Ethernet Cable

    Standard: IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA568C.2, EN50173

    Pass Fluke test 100 meters

    Certification: CPR UL ETL

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