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There is no network cable manufacturer or supplier in South Africa, but there are many local distributors of ethernet cables that will allow you to buy high quality lan cables for your business.

Gcabling, as a professional Cat 6 cable manufacturer & supplier and an industry expert, has collected introductions and contact information of 10 leading South African ethernet cable distributors. You can obtain them through this post, and I hope it helps you.

Here we go!

Top 10 South Africa Suppliers of  Ethernet Lan Cable:

1. Gcabling Electronic

2. Scoop

3. MiRO

4. Mitabyte

5. Matrix Warehouse

6. RS

7. Cable Connect Systems

8. Actsys

9. CFS

10. Uniterm Direct

Best 10 South Africa Network Cable Suppliers / Distributors

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If you have not found a suitable one in the companies above, why not choose Gcabling?

Gcabling is one of the most professional network cable manufacturers and suppliers. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field and have provided custom network cables and ethernet cable bulk to customers from more than 80 countries.

Gcabling ethernet lan cables have passed the testing of the 3rd Labs and get the certificates of VDE, CPR, UL, ETL…Our network cables have received countless praise for their high quality. Besides, Gcabling is a supplier of network cabling solution, supporting the provision of different cabling solutions to meet individual needs.

Welcome to contact us and order your lan cables.

CAT6 UTP Ethernet Cable

Cat6 Ethernet Cable
  • OFC – Solid Bare Copper
  • 24AWG, OD: 6.0±0.2mm
  • PVC

CAT6A UTP Ethernet Cable

Cat6A Ethernet Cable
  • OFC – Solid Bare Copper
  • 23AWG, OD: 7.0 ±0.2mm
  • LSZH

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Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

Headquarters: 1A Harvest Close, Richmond Park, Richwood, Cape Town, 7441

Year Established: 2001

Main Markets: South Africa, African countries

Main Products: Network Cable, Fiber Cable, Patch Panel


Scoop Distribution (Pty) Ltd, founded in 2001, is a wholesale network and telecommunications distributor based in South Africa.

As an authorized distributor of top international brands such as Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Linkbasic, their products include structured cabling system products, fiber optic products, network hardware, etc. Scoop is committed to providing the best network connectivity products for South Africa and other African countries.


Contact: +27 (0) 21-555-4740, Email: [email protected]

Gcabling logo

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    Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

    Headquarters: 9 Landmarks Avenue, Kosmosdal Ext 11, 0157 Samrand, South Africa

    Year Established: 2003

    Main Markets: South Africa, sub-Saharan region

    Main Products: Network Cable, SFP Module, Fiber Connector


    MiRO is a leading supplier and distributor of networking, wireless, fiber, VoIP products in South Africa with nearly 20 years experience.

    MiRO has collaborated with numerous well-known brands such as Cambium Networks, TP Link, Acconet, etc. to provide customers in South Africa and surrounding countries with the best products, as well as flexible and scalable solutions.


    Contact: +27 12 657 0960, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

    Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

    Headquarters: 35 Intersite Avenue, Umgeni Business Park, Durban, KZN, South Afirca

    Year Established: Not found

    Main Markets: South Africa

    Main Products: Network Cable, Network Tool, Connector


    Mitabyte is a company that assembles, retails, and wholesales network information technology products and services, with over 24 years of experience in the industry. They provide a range of network products, including cables, tools, connectors, switches, routers, adapters.

    In 2011, they launched online store service. Customers can order online and deliver their orders, further improving customer satisfaction.


    Contact: 031 263 1088, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

    Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

    Headquarters: 27 Louis Trichardt Street Alberton, Alberton, 1450

    Year Established: 2000

    Main Markets: South Africa

    Main Products: Network Cable, Display Cable, Audio Cable


    Matrix Warehouse is a South Africa based company that offers a range of products from cables, computer hardware to laptops.

    They can not only provide the best products for customers, but also provide solutions for all customer needs. Matrix Warehouse offers a wide range of computer related products at competitive prices. The in-house technical service desk is also available to assist with inquiries, installation, upgrades and repairs.


    Contact: 011 869 2613 / 011 869 2614, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

    Gcabling logo

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      Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

      Headquarters: 20 Indianapolis Street, Kyalami Business Park, Kyalami, Midrand, South Africa.

      Year Established: 1937

      Main Markets: Worldwide

      Main Products: Network Cable, Tool Kit, Connector


      RS is a global company that has been providing products and solutions to customers for over 80 years.

      They provide a one-stop purchasing service, offering products ranging from network cables, connectors, tools to testing equipment, etc. They stock over 500000 industrial and electronic products purchased from over 2500 leading suppliers. RS continuously pushes the latest products to the market to support customer needs.


      Contact: +27 11 691 9300, Email: [email protected]

      Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

      Headquarters: 86 Kangnussie Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

      Year Established: 2014

      Main Markets: South Africa

      Main Products: Network Cable, Cabinet, Cable Connect


      Cable Connect Systems (Pty) Ltd is an owner operated company in South Africa that provides network cables and customized cable components to the IT industry.

      They focus on providing high-quality products and services, the network cables have sufficient inventory to meet the specific needs of customers. They are also a supplier of all network cables and network working solutions, providing customers with fast and efficient services.


      Contact: 011 792 1641, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

      Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

      Headquarters: 7 Suni Avenue, Corporate Park South, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

      Year Established: 1991

      Main Markets: South Africa

      Main Products: Data Cable, Patch Cord, Fiber Cable


      Actsys Cables&Wireless Solutions is a one-stop supplier of products and solutions for installing powerful and reliable data networks.

      They provide a series of network cables, fiber optic cables, cable accessories, and structured cabling system products from leading international brands and also provide high-quality network infrastructure solutions. Ensuring the ability to meet customers’ current and future needs.


      Contact: 087 283 1111, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

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        Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

        Headquarters: 9 First Avenue, Longlake Ext. 1, Linbro Park, Sandton, 2090, South Africa

        Year Established: 1995

        Main Markets: South Africa

        Main Products: Network Cable, Copper Solution, Fiber Optic Solution


        CFS is a distributor of cable network systems in South Africa. They collaborate with many leading local and international brands (Corning, Molex, Vertiv, etc.) and have a comprehensive inventory of the latest end-to-end network solutions.

        CFS provides a comprehensive range of copper and fiber optic products, as well as a wide range of technical solutions, to accurately and quickly deliver various products to customers.


        Contact: +27 11 452 1684, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

        Type of Business: Network Cable Distributor / Supplier

        Headquarters: 10 Angus Crescent, Longmeadow Business Estate East, Modderfontein, Johannesburg, 1609

        Year Established: 2002

        Main Markets: South Africa

        Main Products: Network Cable, Keystone Jack, Surface Mount Box


        Uniterm Direct is a South Africa based importer & distributor of network equipment with rich experience in the importing and distribution industry.

        Their network cabling products are in collaboration with the UltraLAN brand. The product range includes Ethernet cabling products (Cat5e / Cat6, test equipment and tools), fiber products, storage solutions, etc.


        Contact: 011 997 3600 / 011 1000 220, Email: [email protected]