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What is Aerial Fiber Optic Cable?

Aerial fiber optic cable is a type of optical fiber transmission cable used for aerial deployment, suspended on towers, poles, or other supports, suitable for communication needs spanning long distances and connecting different areas. It is widely used in the construction of communication networks in cities, rural areas, and mountainous areas.

Fiber Optic Aerial Cable

Types of Fiber Optic Aerial Cable

Based on the installation position of the cables, aerial fiber optic cables can be divided into self-supporting and catenary type. Catenary type optical cable is a type of cable that suspends a outdoor fiber cable on another suspension wire fastened to a pole, which carries tension. While self-supporting type is directly laid on the pole, overcoming long-distance and carrying tension through the structure of the cable.

Nowadays, self-supporting aerial optical fibre cables are the most widely used aerial fiber cables, with three different types:

ADSS Cable

ADSS cables (All dielectric self supporting cables) are made of non-metallic materials and have good electrical insulation performance, making them the only optical cables that can work under high-voltage environments.


1) Small size, light weight, sufficient tensile strength, can self support on poles or towers

2) Anti electromagnetic interference and lightning strikes, stable and reliable


ADSS cables are often used in overhead high-voltage transmission systems, and also be used for communication lines in frequent lightning strikes areas, large-span and other overhead laying environments.

ADSS Cable Application

Figure 8 Fiber Optic Cable

Figure 8 Fiber optic cable is a common type of overhead fiber optic cable, which is composed of messenger wires and optic fibers structure placed in parallel, protected by a sheath with a cross-sectional shape of the number 8.

The common figure 8 fiber cables include GYTC8A, GYTC8S, GYXTC8Y and so on.


1) Messenger wires have extremely high tensile strength, making it easy for self-supporting aerial laying and reducing installation costs

2) Figure 8 optical cables have good durability and resistance to external environmental factors


Figure 8 fiber optic cables are used for long-distance communication, outdoor short distance communication, distributed wiring, or scenarios with high environmental requirements, etc.

Figure 8 Cable Application

OPGW Cable

Optical power ground wire is a multifunctional optical cable that can transmit optical signals and serve as a grounding wire for power transmission lines.


1) High tensile strength, resistance to electromagnetic interference, and corrosion resistance

2) Used to simultaneously transmit communication signals and monitor the status of the power system


OPGW cables are widely used in power systems and used for tower layout of high-voltage transmission lines, providing solutions for communication and monitoring in power systems.

OPGW Cable Application

Features of Aerial Optical Fiber Cable

Tensile Strength

Aerial optical fiber cables need to have sufficient tensile strength to withstand their own weight and the forces exerted by the external environment.

Protective Performance

The protective layer and outer sheath of aerial fibre optic cables can effectively block rainwater, ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, and other external factors from damaging the optical fibers.

High Bandwidth

Fiber optic aerial cables usually use high-quality optical fibers, which have high transmission bandwidth and speed, can meet the needs of high-capacity data transmission.

Convenient Installation and Maintenance

Compared to underground optical cables, the installation and maintenance of aerial fiber cables are more convenient, reducing the complexity and cost of construction.

Adaptation to Complex Environments

Aerial fibre cables are suitable for various complex environments, such as cities, rural areas, mountainous areas, etc., and can cross rivers, roads, and other obstacles.

Gcabling Aerial Fibre Optic Cable

Gcabling manufacture and supply a wide range of fiber optical aerial cables. Here we list several standard overhead fibre cables.

Standard Aerial Optical Cable

ADSS Cable

Figure 8 Optical Cable

Customize Your Aerial Fiber Cable

If our standard aerial fiber optical cables cannot meet the demand, we can do OEM / ODM according to your specifications.

Customization Process

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