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What is Fiber Adaptor?

Fiber adaptor is a connector used in fiber optic communication systems, which can precisely connect the two end faces of optical fibers, achieve the docking of the same or different fiber optic connectors, and enable smooth optical path with minimal loss, providing stable signal transmission. Fiber adaptors are the most commonly used passive optical components in fiber optic communication systems, playing an important role in the construction of fiber optic networks and providing flexible and reliable fiber optic connection solutions.

Fiber Adaptor

Fiber Optic Adaptor Types

With the widespread application of fiber optic adaptors in fiber optic connections, there are various types of fiber optic adaptors with different interfaces available to adapt to different environmental installation requirements.

Common fiber optic adaptor types include: SC adaptor, LC adaptor, ST adaptor, FC adaptor, etc.

SC Adaptor

SC fiber adaptor is a common type of fiber optic adaptor, with a rectangular shell used for interconnection between SC fiber optic connectors. The interface type of the SC adaptor is an SC type fiber connector, which is easy to connect and can provide stable signal transmission.

SC Adaptor

LC Adaptor

LC adaptor is a miniaturized fiber optic adaptor used for interconnection between LC fiber optic connectors. It adopts a small shape design with compact connections and high installation density, making it particularly suitable for high-density fiber optic wiring and connection needs.

LC Adaptor

FC Adaptor

FC adaptor is a connector used in fiber optic communication systems, which provides fiber optic interconnection and compatibility between FC fiber optic connectors. FC type adaptor adopts a threaded connection structure, which can provide reliable logistics connection, ensuring stable optical signal transmission quality and connection performance.

FC Adaptor

ST Adaptor

ST adaptor is a commonly used fiber optic adapter used for interconnection between ST fiber optic connectors. It usually adopts a cylindrical shape design and a bayonet connection method. Using an ST type adaptor, the connection is stable and reliable, enabling the transmission of optical signals.

ST Adaptor

Singlemode or Multi-mode

Fiber optic cabling is divided into singlemode fiber optic cabling and multi-mode fiber optic cabling. Due to differences in transmission characteristics and working principles, different types of fiber optic connectors are used. To ensure interconnectivity and compatibility between fiber optic connectors, fiber optic adaptors are also available in both singlemode and multi-mode types.

Among them, singlemode fiber adaptors are used to connect singlemode fiber connectors and typically have low loss and high-precision designs to ensure optimal optical signal transmission performance over long distances. Multi-mode fiber adaptor is used to connect multi-mode fiber connectors. Due to the relatively short transmission distance and low transmission rate of multi-mode fiber, it usually has high insertion loss and low alignment accuracy requirements.

Number of Interfaces

When fiber optic adapters are classified according to the number of interfaces, they can be commonly divided into simplex, duplex, and quad adaptor.

Simplex adaptor has one input port and one output port, used to connect one fiber optic connector to another fiber connector. It is suitable for unidirectional fiber optic connections, where optical signals can only be transmitted in one direction.

Duplex adaptor has two input ports and two output ports, used to connect two fiber optic connectors. It supports bidirectional fiber optic connection and can simultaneously transmit the transmission and reception of optical signals.

Quad adaptor has four input ports and four output ports for connecting multiple fiber optic connectors. It is commonly used in fiber optic distributed systems or fiber face plates to achieve connections and transitions between multiple optical fibers.

Fiber Optic Adaptor

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