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Are you looking for a local PDU manufacturer in South Africa? Do you want to purchase or customize high-quality power distribution units from experienced manufacturers for your business? 

Gcabling, as an expert in the PDU manufacturing industry with many years of experience, we have collected 6 PDU manufacturers & suppliers with good industry reputation in the South African market for your reference. In the post, we will introduce the basic company informatiaon and attch their contact information for you to contact them.

Let’s take a look at the company list first!

6 Best PDU Suppliers in ZA:

1. APC

2. Legrand

3. Falcon

4. Acconet

5. Netshield

6. Gcabling Electronic

TOP 6 Power Distribution Unit Manufacturers in South Africa


Type of Business: PDU Manufacturer, UPS Supplier

Headquarters: No 9 Old Pretoria Main Road, Midrand, 1685, South Africa

Year Established: 1981

Main Markets: Worldwide

Main Products: PDU, Racks and Accessories, UPS


American Power Conversion Corporation was established in 1981 and is a world leading PDU manufacturer. They offer a wide range of products, mainly including UPS, PDUs, network cabinets and accessories, cooling products.

APC products use the highest quality raw materials and are manufactured according to the latest international standards. All products have undergone multiple inspections during the production process to ensure the high quality and meet the different needs of customers.


Contact: 0861-300-222


Type of Business: PDU Manufacturer, Patch Panel Supplier

Headquarters: 21 Spartan Crescent, Eastgate Ext 3, Sandton 2054

Year Established: 1985

Main Markets: Southern Africa

Main Products: PDU, Patch Panel, UPS

Legrand PDU

Since opening its South African subsidiary in 1985, Legrand has focused on providing a wide range of products and solutions for various industries in the southern African region. They mainly provide products such as power distribution products, UPS, digital infrastructure products, cable management, installation component, and more.

Legrand has always been committed to research and innovation, and has leading advantages in product design, manufacturing, quality, and other aspects. They provide customers with comprehensive products that meet local and international requirements and standards to meet their product needs.


Contact: +27 11 444 7971 / +27 21 271 0339, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form


Type of Business: PDU Manufacturer, Server Rack Supplier

Headquarters: 8 Simmonds Street, Cnr Webber Street  Selby, 2001,  Johannesburg, South Africa

Year Established: 1984

Main Markets: Southern Africa

Main Products: PDU, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Server Rack

Falcon PDU

APS (Adler Power Solutions) is an independent department of Falcon Electronics (Pty) Ltd., one of the leading power distribution unit manufacturers in South Africa, specializing in the development and manufacturing of PDUs for IT industry.

APS PDUs are manufactured in accordance with local and international standards, meeting or exceeding the corresponding performance requirements. All manufactured products will undergo 100% testing in APS’s testing equipment before shipment to ensure that customers receive high-quality products.


Contact: +27 11 983 7000, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

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    Type of Business: PDU Manufacturer, Network Cable Supplier

    Headquarters: Halfway House Estate, Midrand, 1685

    Year Established: Not found

    Main Markets: Southern Africa

    Main Products: PDU, Server Rack, Ethernet Cable

    Acconet PDU

    Acconet is a professional PDU manufacturer in South Africa. They can manufacture and supply a wide range of network infrastructure products, including PDUs, ethernet cables, connectors, network cabinets, telecom cabinets, UPS, etc.

    Acconet structured network cabling system products are manufactured to meet industry and international quality standards and have undergone strict quality inspection processes to ensure the highest quality. They have always been committed to providing customers with affordable, reliable, and high-quality network infrastructure products.


    Contact: 081 575 0234, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form


    Type of Business: PDU Manufacturer, Fiber Optic Patch Cord Supplier

    Headquarters: Tijger Valley Office Park, Silver Lakes Road, Concept House, 10 Pony Street, Silver Lakes, Pretoria

    Year Established: 1994

    Main Markets: South Africa

    Main Products: PDU, Telecom Cabinet, Fiber Optic Patch Cord

    Netshield PDU

    Founded in 1994, Netshield is a PDU manufacturer headquartered in South Africa, specializing in providing customized solutions for customers. Their main products include power and UPS, Ethernet connectivity products, cabinets and accessories, IoT remote management products, etc.

    Netshield has a team of experienced R&D engineers focused on product innovation and development, and is able to customize products according to the different needs of customers. The company has a comprehensive quality control system that ensures excellent product and service quality.


    Contact: +27(0) 86 111 4428 / +27(0)12 841 0320, Email: [email protected] or Contact Form

    GCABLING ELECTRONIC logo Fiber Optic Products Manufacturer, Network Cabling Solutions Supplier

    Gcabling is a professional PDU manufacturer and supplier in China. We can offer many different styles of PDUs, including South Africa style PDU, Germany style pdu, USA style pdu, UK style pdu, multipurpose pdu, smart PDU, etc. And custom power distribution unit is also available.

    We are a ISO9001 certified company and have  comprehensive quality control system in manufacturing PDUs, such as IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, DQC processes. Gcabling PDUs have obtained CE certificate and all the products will be strictly tested to ensure high product quality. In addition, Gcabling is also a leading supplier of data center solution. We are able to provide our customers with the most cost-effective, high-performance data center solutions based on their demands.

    Welcome to contact us and order your PDUs.


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