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What is ODF?

ODF, also known as optical distribution frame or fiber optic patch panel, is a critical device used in optical communication for managing and distributing optical fibers. It is usually a compact and structured framework composed of a steel shell and internal fiber splice tray as the main components. ODF can not only play a role in fiber optic connection and distribution in fiber optic network systems, but also manage and protect fiber optic cables, has been widely used in high-density fiber optic cabling environments.

Rack Mount ODF

Structure of Optical Distribution Frame

At present, rack mount optical distribution frame is more widely used in the market. Its structure mainly consists of two parts, housing, fiber adaptors and internal fiber splice tray.


The main housing of the fiber optic distribution frame can be made of different U numbers, usually made of high-quality SPCC steel and surface treated, so that the entire optical distribution frame can be stably installed in the rack or network cabinet. Different inlet hole designs, number of ports, and capacity can meet the needs of different application scenarios. Professional internal structural design can meet the bending radius of fiber optic cable wiring. Ear plates of some ODFs are designed to be removable and adjustable, capable of supporting different installation requirements and packaging designs.

HDMI Cable

Fiber Optic Adaptors

Fiber optic distribution frames can be equipped with or without fiber optic adaptors, and the type of adaptors can also be optional according to individual needs. Common types include SC, LC, ST, FC, DIN, MT-RJ, etc.

Fiber Adaptor

Fiber Splice Tray

Fiber optic splice trays are components used to manage and protect fiber optic connections. It is usually located inside the ODF and is made of high-quality engineering plastic ABS material. Different fiber splice trays have different capacity, and currently the most common ones are 12 core, 24 core, 36 core, and 48 core.

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Functions of Fiber Patch Panels

Fiber Connection

Optical distribution frames provide interfaces for fiber optic connections, which can better organize fiber optic wiring, reduce clutter and chaos between connection points, and improve the reliability and stability of fiber optic networks.

Optical Fiber Protection

ODF can play a role in protecting fiber optic connections, protecting the connection ports of fiber optic cables from external substances, dust, and preventing accidental damage or loosening, ensuring the transmission quality of optical signals.

Fiber Optic Management

Fiber optic patch panels can allocate different fiber optic cables to different ports, achieving flexible fiber optic distribution and management, and improving the controllability of fiber optic networks.

Space Management

ODF optical distribution frame design is compact, can effectively manage and organize fiber cables, reduce space occupation.

Gcabling Fiber Optic Patch Panel

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Standard Fiber Patch Panels

Customize Your Video and Audio Cables

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