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What is Network Faceplate?

A network faceplate, also known as a wall plate or outlet plate, is a component used in networking and telecommunications infrastructure to provide a convenient and organized connection point for network cables, such as Ethernet cables or phone lines.

It is typically mounted on walls or surfaces and serves as an interface between the network cables and the devices that need to connect to the network. Ethernet faceplates are designed with ports or openings where cables can be terminated or connected. These ports are standardized to fit specific types of connectors, such as RJ45 connectors for Ethernet cables.

Network Faceplate

Common Ethernet Faceplate Types

Based on different standard sizes in different countries, there are different types of face plate, such as American type, British type, French type, German type… etc. The dimensions and appearance design is confirmed to the construction habits and preferences of the respective countries.

USA Faceplate

US type face plate is a common type of Ethernet wall plate widely used in network cabling systems in the United States and other North American countries. Common styles are 1 port, 2 ports, 3 ports, 4 ports, and 6 ports. In addition, it is also available with labels or without labels.

USA Faceplate

UK Faceplate

The standard size of British type wall plate is usually 86*86mm, which is suitable for the UK and other Commonwealth countries. There are currently two main designs on the market: one is composed of a main body and a decorative frame. The main body can be equipped with 1, 2, 3, or 4 ports for wiring. Another type is outer frame with 50*50mm modular. The 50mm module is detachable and can support 1 port and 2 ports.

UK Faceplate

France Faceplate

France style Ethernet wall plates are mainly used for network cabling systems in France or French speaking regions. There is a bracket with France faceplate, which help stabilize the 45*45mm module and securely connect it to the main face plate frame. The 45*45mm module is detachable and can be matched with various inserts according to needs.

France Faceplate

Germany Faceplate

There are two main types of Germany network face plates. One is fully integrated with the keystone jack, with a specially designed 45 degree angle for easy insertion and removal of cables from the port, reducing cable bending and strain. Another type is empty plate frame for RJ45 keystone jacks, which can support the combination of Keystone type modules, making it more convenient for applications.

Germany Faceplate

Components of  Network Face Plate

Face Plate

Network faceplate has ports or openings, according to the needs of the network, the faceplates can have different types and numbers of ports. For example, a single faceplate may have multiple Ethernet ports, RJ45 or RJ11 sockets, or USB ports, HDMI ports.

Back Box

Different sizes of faceplates have corresponding back boxes to match, and the depth of back box can vary according to the needs of cable storage.


Labeled faceplates are very popular in the market. It allows to label or identify ports for specific purposes, making it easier to identify which cable is connected to which port.

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