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What is Fiber Optic Closure?

Fiber optic closure is a device used to connect and protect optical fibers, providing optical cables with functions such as wiring, fusion, fiber storage, and protection. Fiber optic splice closures have been widely used in various fields such as communication, network systems, CATV, etc.

Fiber Joint Closure

Fiber Optic Closure Types

There are currently many different types of fiber splice closures available on the market for users to choose from. Next, we will introduce the two main types of fiber optic closures.

Horizontal Fiber Optic Closure

Horizontal fiber optic closures usually have a flat rectangular or cubic shape and can be designed with different capacities to meet different numbers of fiber optic connection needs. Horizontal optical joint enclosures are usually installed or placed horizontally and are mainly used for aerial installation and manhole well installation. They can provide large capacity and flexible organizational management.

Horizontal Fiber Optic Closure

Vertical Fiber Optic Closure

The shape of the vertical type fiber optic closure is similar to a dome or cap, usually with a cylindrical or conical structure. It is usually installed on poles or utility poles, in a vertical manner, and can also be installed inside manhole wells. Vertical joint fiber closure provides the advantages of compact design and easy installation, making its application increasingly widespread.

Vertical Fiber Optic Closure

Features of Fiber Splice Closure

Fiber Optic Protection

Sturdy and stable structure, with excellent mechanical strength to protect the optical cables from external environmental influences, such as vibration, impact, etc.

Dust and Waterproof

Fiber optic joint closure adopts a sealed design, which can effectively prevent dust, moisture, and other impurities from entering, protecting the fiber optic connection point from damage.

Multi Environment Applications

Made of high-strength materials, can effectively prevent material aging caused by cold, heat, oxygen, ultraviolet radiation, etc., is suitable for different indoor and outdoor environments.

Easy Installation

The installation of fiber joint closure is simple and convenient, providing easy fiber access and management.

Installation of Fiber Enclosure

As an important component of fiber optic connection solutions, fiber optic enclosures can extend the transmission distance of optical cables and provide space for storing redundant fibers. They have been widely used in fiber optic network systems, their common installation methods mainly include the following:

Pole Mounting

Pole Installation

Aerial Installation

Aerial Installation

Vault Installation

Manhole Well Installation

How to Choose a Right Fiber Optic Enclosure

Fiber optic enclosure is an important connecting device in the fiber optic network, so it is necessary to choose the correct optical splice closure. When selecting a suitable fiber joint splice closure, the following aspects need to be considered:

1. Capacity and Size

Determine the required joint closure size and capacity based on actual needs to meet the fiber optic connection needs of different scales.

2. Cable Entrance

Choose a suitable fiber splice enclosure to ensure that its number of inports and outports, as well as the applicable cable diameter, can meet actual needs.

3. Application Environment

Consider the installation and usage environment of the optical splice closure, and choose a suitable product. For example, if used in outdoor environments, it is necessary to choose a joint enclosure with high waterproof and dustproof levels and weather resistance performance.

4. Installation and Maintenance Convenience

Choose a fiber optic closure that is easy to install and operate, making fiber optic connection and maintenance work easier.

5. High Quality

Choose high-quality, reliable and stable joint closures to ensure long-term stable fiber optic connections.

6. Price Budget

Choose products that are more cost-effective while meeting performance requirements.

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