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What is a Punch Down Tool?

Ethernet punch down tool, also known as RJ45 punch down tool, is an important network tool used to insert network cable wires into the wiring slots of keystone jacks or patch panels in network wiring. It is usually used to establish and maintain physical connections in local area networks (LAN) or telephone communication systems, which can simplify the wiring process, improve the reliability and stability of network connections.

Punch Down Tool

Types of Punch Down Tools

To terminate different types of connectors, there are different types of punch-down tools available here. The most common types are the 110 punch down tool, krone punch down tool, and 66 punch down tool.

110 Punch Down Tool

110 punch down tool is a common and widely used type of network punch down tool. It is specifically used for wiring on various 110 type IDCs, such as keystone jacks, patch panels, etc., to connect network cables to telephone systems or local area networks. 110 style punch-down tool is commonly used in the Americas and plays an important role in various network cabling applications.

110 Punch Down Tool

Krone Punch Down Tool

Krone punch down tool is also a common network punch-down tool, specifically designed for wiring on krone IDC connectors, used for standard Ethernet Keystone jacks, surface mount boxes, patch panels, and other wiring installations. At present, Krone IDC punch down tool is widely used in Europe and provides reliable network connections.

Krone Punch Down Tool

66 Punch Down Tool

66 punch down tool is a tool specifically designed for wiring on 66 type connectors, suitable for voice and telephone systems.

66 Punch Down Tool

Gcabling Punch-down Tool​s

Gcabling can supply a variety of  Ethernet punch down tools with different types, here we list some hot-selling products.

*More punch-down tool types, please contact Gcabling for information!

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