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Cost of Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cables use light pulses to transmit information and data through glass fibers. Compared to copper network cables, optical cables have advantages of faster transmission speed, longer transmission distance, higher bandwidth, and anti-interference, have been widely used in various modern data transmission fields.

However, the cost of fiber optic cable is higher than that of copper cable. And between the different types of fiber cables (drop fiber optic cables, outdoor fiber optic cables, indoor fiber optic cables, special fibre cables, etc.), different application environments, as well as additional functions, the prices can vary greatly, from $0.02 to $4 per meter, or even more.

For example, the price of the simplest indoor cable is only $0.02 per meter, while the price of ordinary outdoor optical cable can reach $0.28 per meter, the price difference is more than 10 times, as for those advanced fibre optical cables for harsh environments and applications can reach several dollars per meter.

Fiber Optic Cable

Factors Affecting Fiber Optic Cable Price

In fiber communication networks, considering different application scenarios, environments, and performance requirements, it is necessary to use fiber cables with different materials and structures to achieve the best usage effect. All small designs can lead to differences in fiber optic cable pricing.

Here we list some main factors:

Cable Structure: cable structure is a main reason affecting the cost of fibre optic cable, and tension is one of the factors that lead to the difference in cable structure.

Different application scenarios of optical fiber cables, such as direct burial, aerial, duct, indoor, indoor/outdoor, will require different cable tension, which can be achieved by reinforcing materials, etc.

In addition, some application environments may require optical cables to have additional functions, such as waterproofing, insect and mouse resistance, resulting in an increase in the fibre optical cable price.

Optical Fiber: single-mode or multimode. Multimode optical fiber is usually more expensive than single-mode fiber. And due to the increased material and manufacturing complexity, fibre cables with more optical fibers typically have higher costs.

Jacket Material: LSZH, PVC, PE, TPU… different application environments require different materials for the outer sheath of fiber optical cables, such as LSZH with anti-UV for those exposed to sunlight, LSZH with flame retardant for those passing through buildings. The outer sheath of different materials can lead to differences in the optic fibre cable cost, and different flame retardant levels also also mean different prices, the higher the flame retardant level, the more expensive the optical fiber cable is.

Factors affecting the fibre optical cable price

Influencing factors that will affect the price of fiber cable are not limited to the ones we have listed. The actual impact of these factors on the fiber optic cable price also requires the consideration of practical situations.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact Gcabling, our engineers can answer all your questions.

How to Save Optic Fibre Cable Cost?

Select Optical Cables Based on Actual Needs

In the specific application of fiber optic cables, the selection of fibre cables mainly includes key factors:

  • Fiber optic cable structure
  • Optical cable performance
  • The tension of the cable
  • Cable OD

Of course, the most important thing is to consider the comprehensive environment and construction needs of the application to choose the most suitable fibre optic cables.

  1. Is it used indoor, outdoor, or indoor / outdoor?
  2. Is it laying by aerial, pipeline, direct buried, or for underwater use?
  3. Is it exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time?
  4. Can it withstand wind, ice, snow and other harsh environments?
  5. Can it prevent damage from insects, ants, and rats?

For example, if you are using it for indoor wiring, there is no need to use outdoor optical cables with better performance and higher costs.

If you are unsure how to choose the appropriate fiber cables, please contact Gcabling to confirm the requirements. 

Choose a Professional Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer

Choosing a professional and reputable fiber optic cable manufacturer has long-term benefits for your business, taking Gcabling as an example, the benefits are mainly reflected in the following points:

No Middleman Premium

In the fiber optic cable supply chain, there are may several middlemen between the manufacture and the ultimate customer. If you purchase optical cables from downstream wholesalers or retailers, your price will definitely be higher. But if you buy directly from a fiber optic cable manufacturing company, it will cut out the premium of middleman, which will undoubtedly greatly save your procurement costs.

Reduce Time & Compatibility Cost

Fiber optic networks involve a lot of products. Choosing a partner that can provide one-stop solutions and products like Gcabling is great. The price will be lower than buying separately, and the time cost, logistics cost and product compatibility cost will also be reduced.

Reduce Logistics Cost

In the fiber cable cost, logistics costs also account for a relatively large portion.

Professional fiber optic cable suppliers like Gcabling have rich experience in delivering goods, can make reasonable arrangements for product packaging dimensions, container loading space, logistics route selection, shipping schedule arrangement, etc., ensuring reliable transportation and arrival time, and saving your logistics costs.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Good optical cable manufacturers can provide perfect after-sales services with reliable warranty policies and strong technical support. Gcabling can  provide a 10-year warranty and our professional engineers offer 24/7 online support to ensure your work goes smoothly.

Reduce Certification Cost

Some projects may require the products to have the corresponding test report or certificate, which is an additional cost for you to bear. But if you choose Gcabling, we promise that Gcabling will cover the certificate fee if you purchase fiber optic cables that meet our quantity requirements, and you can save this fee.

Contact Gcabling

In this post, Gcabling, as an experienced fiber optic cable manufacturer and supplier, introduces the cost of fiber optic cable and how to save. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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