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Server Rack Manufacturers & Suppliers in the World

Are you looking for a professional server rack manufacturer and want to source high quality network cabinets? If you are in need, take a look at this article. To better assist everyone, Gcabling has compiled a list of the leading manufacturers in 6 countries. Through this article, you can better understand these companies and find their contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material are server racks made of?

A: Standard server cabinets should be made of high quality cold-rolled steel materials, which can ensure long-term toughness and excellent load-bearing performance of the cabinets.

Q: What is server rack types?

A: There are currently three common types of server racks on the market, which are wall mount network cabinet, server rack, and open frame rack. They each have different features and are suitable for different scenarios.

Q: What is the difference between a server rack and a network rack?

A: Network rack is mainly used to store network equipment and accessories such as routers, switches, patch panels, etc., with a depth generally less than 800mm and low requirements for heat dissipation and environment.

Server rack is used to install servers, displays, UPS and other equipment, and has requirements for the depth, height, and load-bearing of the cabinet. The depth is generally above 800mm, and due to the large heat dissipation of internal equipment, both the front and rear doors are equipped with ventilation holes.

Q: How do I choose a rack?

A: When choosing a rack cabinet, we usually have to consider: size, quality, ventilation and heat dissipation, security, cabinet accessories and so on. By combining our actual use needs, we can select the most suitable network cabinet to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the equipment.

Q: What are the standard width of server racks?

A: Standard network rack width is usually 600mm or 800mm, which all can realize the installation of 19 inch devices.

Q: What is included in a server rack?

A: Server racks typically include the following components: front / rear doors, side panels, top / bottom covers, 19″ rails, frames, etc. In addition, cable management, PDU, blind panel, fan, shelf, screw, etc. are all optional. Click to select the product you want.

Q: How do you determine rack size?

A: Choosing the right data cabinet is key to ensuring equipment safety, easy management, and maximum space utilization. When deciding the size of the server rack cabinet, the following points need to be taken into account:

Device capacity: the number and size of devices to be installed;

Space size: the size and limitations of the space available in the use environment;

Cable management: enough space to accommodate cables;

Heat dissipation: ensure that the cabinet provides sufficient space for air flow;

Expansion needs: reserve space to meet future needs and expansion plans.

Q: What are the names of server racks?

A: In addition to server rack, there are also some other terms used to describe cabinets of different types or specific functions. Here are some other common names: network cabinet, data cabinet, server cabinet, network rack, data center rack, 19″ rack, etc.

Q: What makes a good server rack?

A: A good server rack has a reasonable and stable structure, good ventilation and heat dissipation, excellent cable management ability, reliable security protection, and excellent scalability. Easy operation and maintenance also enable network cabinets to effectively improve the efficiency, reliability, and manageability of network infrastructure.