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Network Cable Manufacturers & Suppliers in the World

Currently, network cables are still the preferred stable and high-speed data transmission solution in daily work and life, so finding a professional network cable manufacturer and supplier is very important. For this, Gcabling has specifically collected top network cable manufacturing companies from 11 countries around the world. Through this page, you can view the corresponding posts based on your destination, it would be great if it could be helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which network cable is best?

A: Category 6 network cables are one of the most popular and widely used network cables in the current market. Cat6 network cables have faster transmission speed, higher bandwidth, and better anti-interference ability compared to Cat5e network cables, which can meet the upgrading and development needs of future homes and commercial enterprises. They are a type of high-performance network cable with high cost-effectiveness.

Q: What are the 3 main cables in networking?

A: Network cables are mainly divided into three categories, namely twisted pair copper cables, fiber optic cables, and coaxial cables. They have different structures and characteristics, suitable for network applications in different scenarios.

Q: What is the most used network cable?

A: UTP twisted pair cable is a commonly used network communication cable and also one of the most commonly used cables in network cabling systems. Its price is relatively low, installation is convenient, and the twisted pair structure can effectively reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference, ensuring the stability and reliability of the signal. It is very suitable for large-scale network structured cabling systems.

Q: Is Cat8 the best Ethernet cable?

A: Cat8 network cable is currently the latest generation and most advanced Ethernet cable. Compared to other categories, Cat 8 network cable can support a bandwidth of 2000MHz and a transmission rate of 40Gb/s, making it very suitable for scenarios with high bandwidth and high-speed connection requirements.

Q: Can CAT6 do 10GB?

A: Category 6 network cable is a high-performance and widely used network cable with a bandwidth of 25Mhz and a transmission speed of up to 1000Mbps. Of course, CAT6 cable can also support higher data transmission rates of 10Gbps, but the transmission distance it can support is limited, only reaching 37 to 55 meters.​

Q: What is the maximum distance of network cable?

A: The maximum transmission distance of Ethernet cables is 100 meters or 328 feet. If the distance that the network cable itself can withstand is exceeded, the signal will be attenuated or interrupted.

Q: Why does Ethernet cable have 8 wires?

A: Gigabit standard requires the use of all four pairs (eight wires), so in gigabit Ethernet, all four pairs must be crossed when building a twisted pair cable.

Q: What are the best Ethernet cable brands in the world?

A: There are many outstanding Ethernet cable brands in the global cable market, and Gcabling has listed a list of 12 top Ethernet cable brands all around the world from a professional perspective, helping customers collaborate with the best brands.