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Keystone Jack Manufacturer & Supplier

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keystone jack certification

Keystone sockets are crucial for the connectivity performance in network transmission. Their precise manufacturing ensures low signal loss and minimal interference, enabling high-speed data transmission. Keystone jack is used to implement functions such as connection, communication, and data transmission for network devices. This is especially important for applications that require large data streams, real-time video streaming, or cloud computing.

As a professional keystone jack manufacturer and supplier, Gcabling has been specialized in manufacturing and selling own keystone jacks and keystone couplers since 2002. We offer a complete series of keystone jacks that have passed the testing of the 3rd Labs.

  1. Standard: ISO9001, ISO/IEC 11801, EIA/TIA-568-C, EN50173-1
  2. Certification: ETL, CE, RoHS
  3. Compatible with T568A and T568B
  4. Insertion life  1000 times, IDC wiring life  ≥ 250 times
  5. IDC – pin: phosphor bronze, nickel and gold plated
  6. Support standard wiring : for 22 AWG to 26 AWG cable


Gcabling-UTP Keystone Jack Manufacturer
Gcabling-FTP Keystone Jack Manufacturer
ISO9001 Certificate
Keystone Jack Certificate
Cat6 Channel Certificate
Cat6A Channel Certificate

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    Full Range Of Styles

    20+ Years Of Experience In Keystone Jack  Manufacturing And Supplying

    Gcabling offers a full line of RJ45 keystone jacks, which can be divided in the following way:
    Transmission rate: Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, Cat8
    Shielding type: UTP, FTP
    IDC type: 110, krone, dual, toolless
    Punch down direction: 90 degree, 180 degree
    Package: bag packaging, color box packaging, small plastic bucket packaging
    At the same time, our keystone jack connectors have a variety of designs, and support customization, can meet your different needs.

    keystone jack punch down direction
    IDC Type

    High Quality

    Professional RJ45 Keystone Jack Manufacturer To Ensure Quality

    Gcabling is one of the most powerful keystone jack suppliers and manufacturers in China, has been committed to providing our customers with high-quality and cost-effective bulk keystone connectors. We always believe that product details determine the success or failure of a product.

    Common faults of keystone jacks

    Have you encountered any of the following issues with the keystone jacks you purchased?

    1. The gold needle sinks after repeated plug in and out

    2. The pins bend when used, data connection is unstable and interrupted

    3. The IDC wiring column will cause damage after bearing the impact of the punch down tool


    Gcabling can confidently promise that the keystone jacks we manufacture will definitely not have above problems. And we promise a 15 year warranty on Gcabling keystone jacks.

    The feature of Gcabling keystone jacks:
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    Main material:
    IDC plastic parts use ABS or high quality engineering PC material. Pins are made by phosphor bronze, nickel & gold plated on contact point to improve antioxidant performance and not easy to be damaged when inserting and pulling. Gold plating thickness is optional, 50u, 30u, 6u, 3u, G/F

    Product detail:
    Engineers’ improvement points in product details based on years of work experience: design of IDC punch down direction, design of easy to fix the cable tie, and design of easy to cover the dust cover.

    Insertion life 1000 times, IDC wiring life  ≥ 250 times

    Voltage rating: 125 VCA RMS
    Current rating: 1.5 Amp
    Contact resistance: 100 MILLIOHMS MAX
    Insulation resistance:1000 MEGOHMS MIN@500 VDC
    Dielectric strength: 750 VAC RMS 60 Hz, 1 MIN
    Contact resistance: 20 MΩ

    What We Can Offer

    No.1 Keystone Jack Manufacturer & Supplier In China

    Gcabling is both a keystone jack manufacturer and a keystone jac supplier, we can provide you with the following services:

    1. High quality keystone jacks & RJ45 couplers of various designs with factory price, used in the Network Cabling Solution

    2. OEM / ODM

    3. Automatic production capacity of customized keystone jacks can reach 300000 pcs per day

    5. Professional engineers 24/7 support

    6. ISO9001 quality management system, IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, DQC process


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      Gcabling Keystone Jack

      If you are a network cabling installation company, wholesaler or E-commerce seller, Gcabling bulk keystone jacks are ready to ship to support fast delivery.

      MOQ: 1 PC, delivering within 24 hours

      UTP Cat6 Keystone Jack


      Keystone Jack

      Support 568A 568B wiring

      Less wiring time with tool

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        With special punch-down tool, wiring time save 5 seconds

        Support 1U 24 port keystone patch panel

        Installation Process

        Gcabling provides installation guidance service for each keystone jack.

        Installation Process for Keystone Jack with Special Punch-down Tool

        Keystone Jack Installation Process

        Installation Process for Common Keystone Jack

        Keystone Jack Installation Process

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q: Where can the RJ45 keystone jack be applied?

          A: 1) Applicable to offices, data centers, and central equipment rooms;

          2) Horizontal cabling or structured cabling transmission;

          3) LANs and Ethernet applications.

          Q: How to select the appropriate keystone jack?

          A: 1) Choose a category: Make sure that the category of your keystone jack matches your ethernet cable, which is important for performance.

          2) UTP or FTP: Depending on your installation environment, it will determine which type of keystone jack you want to use.

          3) 90 degree or 180 degree: The degree of keystone jack is related to the angle at which the wire is inserted into the jack.

          Q: Can the Gcabling keystone jacks match the blank patch panel?

          A: Yes, it’s a perfect match. Our ethernet RJ45 keystone jacks can support 1U 24 port blank patch panel.

          Q: What are the differences between 110, krone, dual and toolless keystone jacks?

          A: Their difference mainly lies in the IDC connection type. 110 keystone jack means that it requires the use of 110 punch down tool for wiring. Krone keystone jack means that it uses krone punch down tool for wiring. Dual keystone jack indicates that it can be wired using either 110 or krone tool. While toolless keystone jack means that no additional punch down tool is required to complete the wiring.

          Q: What is the service life of the Gcabling keystone jack?

          A: The insertion life and IDC wiring life of Gcabling standard keystone jack can reach 750 and 200 times, while the insertion life and IDC wiring life of Gcabling stock keystone jack even can reach 1000 and 200 times.

          Q: How about the quality of Gcabling keystone jacks?

          A: Gcabling has always been committed to bringing high-quality keystone jacks to customers and our RJ45 jacks have obtained the certificates of ETL, CE, RoHS, fully meeting or exceeding industry standards.

          Q: How to wire a keystone jack?

          A: All Gcabling keystone jacks have 568A/568B wiring labels, which clearly clearly let you know the connection sequence​. At the same time, we can also provide installation instruction manual or video​ of each type.         

          Q: Do you sell the corresponding punch down tools?

          A: Yes, we do. One of the keystone jack even has a matching punch down tool, which is more convenient and fast to use together.

          Q: Where can I find Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a jack manufacturers and suppliers?

          A: If you need a keystone jack manufacturer or supplier from China, Gcabling is your best choice, please contact us for a quote. If you need manufacturers from other regions, we will sort out a collection of regional keystone jack manufacturers later, you can pay more attention to our website to get the information.

          Q: What if there is a quality problem with the product?

          A: Gcabling has great confidence in the quality of the products, all products are manufactured in strict accordance with standards. However, there are always accidents. If there are any product quality issues, we also have a complete after-sales policy. You can contact us in time, and we will give you a satisfactory solution within 3 working days.