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Fiber boxes play a crucial role in fiber optic communication systems. They are used to terminate, protect, and organize fiber optic cables, ensuring reliable and efficient communication lines. Fiber termination box provides a secure termination point for fiber optic cables. It houses the fiber optic connectors and ensures proper alignment and connection with the cables. The boxes serve as a centralized point for organizing and managing fiber optic cables. They provide a neat and organized structure for routing and storing the cables, making it easier to manage and maintain the fiber optic communication system.

Gcabling is a very powerful FTTH terminal box manufacturer in China, we have been committed to researching and manufacturing various styles of fiber boxes which integrate fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage and cable connection function in one fiber box. Gcabling fiber optic boxes have different shapes and sizes, and support on-demand customization, will be able to meet the different needs of customers.

Standard: IEC 60529, ISO 20653
Certification: SGS
Capacity: 2 core, 4core, 8 core, 12 core, 16 core, 24 core, 36 core, 48core…

Installations: Wall / Pole

Fiber Box
Fiber Box Certificate
Fiber Box Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate

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    Complete Specifications

    Fiber Terminal Box Suppliers Offer A Series Of Products

    Gcabling fiber optic boxes have a complete range of styles with different design features and functions. The maximum capacity of fiber boxes is from 2 cores to 72 cores, meeting the needs of different customers.

    High Quality

    NO.1 FTTH Fiber Box Manufacturer

    Gcabling has been manufacturing and selling fiber terminal boxes for over 10 years, our products are exported to 80+ countries, the product quality is recognized by all customers. We are well aware of the importance of product quality for a company and will continue to strictly control the quality of each product.

    1. Main Material

    All Gcabling fiber distribution box is made by ABS engineering plastic material, ensuring high strength. And PC + ABS material, alloy material also can be available on request.

    2. Good Sealing Performance

    Fiber termination boxes are designed to protect optical cables, fiber onnectors , fiber couplers, pigtails and optical splitters from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and temperature variations. They provide a sealed and rugged enclosure that safeguards the delicate fibre cables from damage, ensuring long-term reliability.

    3. IP Level

    Gcabling fiber terminal boxes are strictly produced according to industry standards and have excellent dustproof and waterproof performance. Different styles of fiber optic boxes have different IP levels, outdoor fiber box meets IP68 verified by SGS, and indoor fiber terminal box meets IP65 level.

    Waterproof Performance

    On-demand Customization

    Fiber Termination Box Manufacturers Support Customization

    As a professional fiber box manufacturer, Gcabling not only manufactures and sells existing styles of fiber distribution boxes, but also supports custom mold products according to customer requirements.

    • Material
    • Support cable OD
    • Max. Capacity
    • Internal structure
    • Size
    • Color

    All listed above can be designed on request, If you need, please contact us as soon as possible.

    What We Can Offer

    Fiber Optic Distribution Box Manufacturers & Suppliers Provide Good Service

    1. Recommending suitable fiber box based on customer needs and application environment

    2. Various styles of fiber optic box, widely used in the Fiber Optic Solution

    3. On-demand customization, OEM / ODM

    4. Professional engineers provide online services and assistance


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      Gcabling Terminal Box

      If you are a network cabling installation company, wholesaler or E-commerce seller, Gcabling bulk fiber distribution boxes are ready to ship to support fast delivery.

      MOQ: 1 PC, delivering within 24 hours

      6 Core Fiber Box


      6 Core Fiber Box



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        8 Core Fiber Box


        8 Core Fiber Box

        Lock with dust cover


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          16 Core Fiber Box


          16 Core Fiber Box

          IP65 level


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            24 Core Fiber Box


            24 Core Fiber Box

            Fiber storage space


            Professional Engineers Online, 24 Hours Reply

              ABS + PC material
              For drop cable OD: 2*3mm
              Interior flap is specially designed with optical splitter installation slot

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Q: What is a fiber optic box?

                A: The fiber optic box is a device that connects and distributes fiber optic cables to different locations within a building or area. It is applicable to the terminal access of the user end, the wiring connection of the optical communication equipment, and the protective connection of the fiber optic cables and the pigtail. It is installed on the outdoor wall, pole and other positions, which can facilitate the connection and distribution of the fiber cables, and can meet the requirements of optical splitter placement to achieve the splitting function.

                Q: How does a fiber termination box work?

                A: Fiber optic boxes are used to connect incoming and outgoing fiber optic cables, the outgoing cables will be connected to different parts of the building or area to ensure that all connected equipment receives data.

                Q: Does Gcabling have different types of fiber boxes?

                A: Yes, there are different types of fiber optic boxes with different sizes, capacities and functions according to the specific requirements of installation. You can contact us for more information.

                Q: What is the MOQ of the FTTH box?

                A: The MOQ of the stock fiber optic box is 1 pc. If customization is required, the MOQ can be negotiated by contacting us.

                Q: What is the difference between pigtail type, mini PLC type and LGX type fiber optic box?

                A: 1. Pigtail type fiber box: Fusing with the incoming fiber optic cable, as it is a pigtail type, requires several fusions, which is quite time-consuming.

                2. Mini PLC type fiber box: Fusing with the incoming fiber optic cable, only requires one fusion, which saves time and effort compared to the pigtail type.

                3. LGX type fiber box: LGX type does not require winding time. It is more time-saving and labor-saving than Mini PLC type in operation, but it also means that the cost is the most expensive.

                Q: How to judge the material quality of fiber optic box?

                A: 1. If it is ABS material, the composition of new material and return material can be judged simply by the glossiness of the surface
                2. By testing its strength with an impact ball, the feeding point and four corners of the fiber box are generally more brittle.

                Q: Can I install the FTTH fiber box myself?

                A: It is not recommended to install the fiber optic box yourself as it requires professional knowledge and equipment. You are advised to hire professional personnel for installation.

                Q: What is the requirement for the bending radius of the fibers in the fiber distribution box?

                A: The bending of the fiber in the fiber optic box is not as large as you want, while the fiber is also very fragile, the bending cannot be too small. There are requirements for the bending radius of these fibers:

                G657A2: 15mm (Static) 30 mm (Dynamic)

                G657A1: 20mm (Static) 40 mm (Dynamic)

                G652D: 30mm (Static) 60mm D (Dynamic)

                Q: Where can I find fiber termination box manufacturers and suppliers?

                A: If you need fiber optic distribution box manufacturers and suppliers from China, Gcabling is your best choice, please contact us soon. If you need terminal box manufacturer / suppliers from other regions, we will sort out a collection of regional Ftth fiber box manufacturers later, you can pay more attention to our website to get the information.

                Q: What if there is a quality problem with the fiber terminal box?

                A: Gcabling fiber splitter boxes are strictly produced according to standards and have undergone multiple inspections, the service life is very long. If there are indeed quality issues, you don’t need to worry. We have a comprehensive after-sales policy,  you can contact us in time, and we will give you a satisfactory solution within 3 working days.